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The Crow and the Snake

Updated on September 5, 2009

The Crow and the Snake

Once there lived a crow in a nest on a tree. She laid eggs in her nest. Every day she went out in the morning and returned in the evening. She found one egg missing. She was sad.

There was a big hole in the trunk of the tree.  A big snake lived init. It ate the eggs one by one day after day. The crow learnt this. She wanted to save her eggs. She went to her friend the fox. She told the fox her sad story. She asked the fox to tell her of a plan to save her eggs.

The fax said, Do not feel sad. I shall tell you of a plan. The King’s daughter goes to the tank near your tree every day to bathe. She keeps her jewels on the bank while bathing. Go there, pick up a jewel and fly to your tree. The Kings servants will run after you. Throw the jewel in the hole. The servants will see  this, and go to the hole. The snake will come out. They will kill it. You may be happy.

The crow did so. The king’s servants saw the snake and killed it. They got the jewel. Thus the crow saved her eggs from the cruel snake and was happy.


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      Surajudeen 6 years ago

      That's Bull story