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The Crown

Updated on December 28, 2014

What's the First Thing You Think About a Crown?

The first thing normal people think about a crown is royalty, wealth, and so on about money most probably. But have you think about it in a different perspective or in a different way which it may lead you to think or reflect more on you life?

Please then allow me to change the way you think about a crown.

Weird huh?

To be honest, I actually do feel weird when I write on this topic. Most people will be curious why did i write about this. I'm definitely not a princess from some royal family nor a stepdaughter to some ridiculously rich royal-related family. But i do believe that everyone has a crown on the head. Not so of a religion but the crown will get bigger, prettier and heavier when you go through your life.

Continue on shall we?

So, when you are born, you start will a light, little-sized crown. Slowly when you go through your life, it will get bigger and prettier. And there's where the education and talents comes in. I am quite sure that everyone would want a nice pretty glamorous crown on their head instead of a small nothing but metal-made crown on their heads rite? In order to make it prettier or better you may actually "upgrade" your crown by your studies, sports, profession, experiences and etc. And as you upgrade it, more gems will need to be used on your crown and eventually it will becomes heavier. And the weight is what you have to bear throughout your life.

Weight? Hardships?

Well… you may say that a secondary school student like me won’t really have a heavy crown to wear as adult may say that you haven’t even hit the worst part of your life – your working life. I would probably agree on that because I’m not really like going through most of my life now. And I would also disagree on that because every stage of upgrading your crown have a certain hardship that you have to bear or to go through. But as It goes harder and harder you won’t be just thinking that you are a student that wouldn’t go through much pain and hardship as the adults have always said. You can just give up on your life even in just your secondary school life.

Good news or Bad news?

After the upgrading process has finished, you can see a prettier crown on your head and that also means that you have a heavier weight to bear. You may be expected on most of the things you do. And it will definitely bring to you another level of hardship and another upgrading process may occur. For example, you finished your master degree (upgrading process) people will have to expect better results or work from you. From this, you can increase your experience in your working life and it will be another upgrading process for your crown. This process will never gonna stop until you actually breathe out your last breath.

Hmm... How about the rich kids?

For rich people, you may thought that they have a peaceful life without worrying about their life. Their life may seem easy but I tell you, it is better that you are the so-called poor ones than be that rich person you might think of. Their crown is actually heavier than anyone of us since they’re born. Maybe they don’t have to really worry about their life, but the worries from them is actually making them having harder hardships. For example, worrying about their companies, lacking of love from their parents, arguing for the heirs, a very complicated family, worrying that will their lifetime partners having affairs and stuffs like that. You may say its better to be in that kind of family than be in a poor family. But I guarantee you, you wouldn’t like it. It is very much harder to bear.

Don't forget!

The crown is something that will never cease to upgrade itself. From small diamonds to bigger diamonds, from diamonds to even gold, From a small little one to a super heavy one. It will never cease stopping. Even though you may go through hardship in your life, remind yourself that it’s a upgrading process and you will have to go through it to have a better, prettier crown on your head that shines and bring glory to the Lord.

Author's note :

Hey. This is actually my first time writing. Please to comment on it so that i could actually improve my writing skills and thank you for reading my article. :)

You can also email to to discuss further on this topic with me and i will really appreciate if you could share this passage to your friend :)

God Bless! and Have a nice day!

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