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Crown Of Thorns

Updated on June 5, 2016

Born of Mary and Joseph, in a stable in Bethlehem,

you would hold the key to our Salvation.

Raised as a carpenter's son, in a tradition you would master

but a path you would not keep,

as Heaven had a far greater path for you to follow.

From your baptism, your life would be transformed

as you were given back to your Father.

A fisher of men is who you will be known as,

to spread the word of the Kingdom of Heaven

and of the power of our true God.

With miracles performed, and performed in plenty,

as more and more followers, came to see this man Jesus.

To hear his stories, and to watch him heal

as you taught us the laws of the bible.

People started to believe in you, in your love and understanding.

Even though this love would come at a cost

from someone so very close.

"Peter, Peter. Before the cock crows thrice Thou will deny me"

you said still with the love for this man, your disciple.

And comes the denial for silver, from Judas.

With this denial and betrayal

came the long walk to the cross,

as with your trial you experienced hatred and fear.


From all who did not believe and understand in your teachings.

For your reasoning for life

and your reasoning for love.

And for those who repented and believed in you

their burdens you would take as your own.

The final decision for your walk

was of the judgement of Pontious Pilate

and of the crowd who favoured Barabbas.

A soldier of the guard made a crown of thorns

a crown for the King of the Jews was heard.

A long long walk out of the city gates

to a lonely green hill so far away,

placed on the cross with hands and feet nailed.

A sword then piercing your side.


The day turned to night

as your life seemed to drain

as your Father prepared you for heaven.

In your final breath, you uttered great words.

"Father forgive them for they know not what they do"

All this for the love of man, and for the love of your flock.

As was your rights of birth

to be the sole wearer of The Crown Of Thorns.

The crown representing Our Lord, King of Heaven,

and the thorns representing

the pain that you suffered to set us free.


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