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The Curse of Anak Susuman

Updated on May 28, 2017
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I am a student of Film Language, Scriptwriting, Character development, Psychology (Allied subject), Graphic design and Visual Literacy

In the year 1872, a young English Egyptologist named Robert Dickson started his day examining the ancient walls buried in the sand. It was a very hot and dry day. He was joined by a team of archaeologist and local Egyptian workers who have set a camp near the pyramid of Giza. They paid some locals to dig their way to an underground tunnel connecting to a royal tomb hidden behind a gold painted door. The workers worked day and night to shift the sand away from the door. It took nearly a month for the expedition to reach the tomb.

The tomb had 33 chambers each consist of statues of different Gods that the ancient Egyptian worshiped. The air inside was stale. Lots of spider webs filled each corner. All the walls were filled with hieroglyphics telling stories about events that happened during their time. Finally, they reached the last chamber which contained the tomb. It was guarded by the statue of God Anubis. The tomb was never been opened since last 3500 years and everything inside laid intact.

The leader of the expedition made sure that all the fragile valuables are put inside wooden boxes to be carried away. There was too much gold lying inside that they didn’t have enough boxes to fill them. It was getting cold and the sun is setting down. Everyone was ordered to get inside their tents and stay safe inside. Since a dust storm is brewing up.

The next morning they found again vast amount of sand got inside the tomb since they forget to close the door to the tomb. Again the workers are paid to clear up the mess. Meanwhile, Robert Dickson was spending the time trying to decipher what the hieroglyphics say along with his assistant Jessica Lively. He found out that the tomb carried the body of a Princess named Anak Susuman. The princess dared to fall in love with a commoner. She failed to fulfill the responsibility of a queen. Hence she is sentenced to death. Next to her tomb was a mummy of Anubis Ilayia. She was a caretaker of the queen and all her life she cared for the royals. She too was killed so that she will accompany the princess in the afterlife forever.

Again it was a cool night time in the desert. After a day of hard work and much patience, Dickson had a brief talk with Jessica regarding their find of the day and went back to their respective tents. While lying on his bed he saw a deadly camel spider crawling on his table he immediately crushed it with a heavy book. He knew lots of desert snakes are around at night which made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

In the middle of the night, he was not able to get good sleep. He found the entire crew after a day of exhaustion sleeping like a child. He decided to spend some time inside the tomb. He took a burning torch went all by himself to see the tomb of the princess.

When he reached the last chamber he noticed an inscription covered in sand. He cleared the sand with his hand to read it. According to the inscription this is not an ordinary tomb for it is cursed and those who disturb this grave will suffer great misfortunes and it is wiser to leave as it is and move away from this place.

He laughed and ridiculed at the curse. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. He got startled and turned around to see Jessica looking at him strangely. She asked him what on earth you are doing at this hour. He said that he was not able to sleep for some reason. Then he told her about the curse. Jessica was slightly superstitious and thought it is wiser to get out of here soon as possible. After all one will never know the power of ancient rituals.

When they returned they found all the members of the expedition were gone and nowhere to be found. Jessica shivered in terror. Then they both heard the voice of the Princess Anak Susuman telling them that these people were here for gold and I have punished them for their action. I have spared both of you for your intentions were pure. Then they both saw the spirit of the queen and Anubis Ilayia stand before them. She touched the hand of Dickson and showed him the vision of what happened to them 3500 years ago.

He saw the lover of Princess Anak Susuman chained to a pillar. A guard took two rods burnt in the hot fire and placed it in his eyes. He was screaming in pain begging for mercy. Then they whipped him several times. They tied his hands and legs and threw him into a river filled with crocodiles. This is the way ancient Egypt kept its power under control. He saw the high priest accusing Anak Susuman that being a Goddess to the people of Egypt she as broken the sacred vow. They forced her to drink a cup of poison along with her trusted caretaker Anubis Ilayia.

Dickson was sweating after what he saw then the apparition disappeared. He found Jessica hiding behind him. They looked around and found that the crew was still sleeping inside their tents untouched. They both realized that entire expeditions are here only for the gold and they cannot stop their greed.

When the morning sun as risen both Dickson and Jessica made an effort to warn the crew about the curse of this place and pleaded them to place the gold back to where they belong but the entire expedition turned deaf towards their caution. Dickson and Jessica made an excuse to leave this camp early. The people of the expedition were very happy to see them go since they can share the gold for themselves. They quickly hired two camels from nearby locals to leave this place at once. While moving they heard a whisper in their ears saying that you two have made a wise choice and those people who are motivated by their lust for gold will suffer great misfortunes. You two will have a good life for being kind. Both Dickson and Jessica looked at each other’s eye and smiled with a great relief.

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    • Whispering Night profile image

      MICKEY MOUSE 7 months ago from our World

      "The Cedars Of Lebanon" composed by Ron Goodwin is the background music for this story.

    • Whispering Night profile image

      MICKEY MOUSE 8 months ago from our World

      Thank you for the suggestion. I will go through your Hub.:)

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 8 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Another good story, Praveen, just hampered a little by your grasp of English. I suggest you download "Grammarly." It is free and will help correct errors. Also, break up your text into capsules and insert more images (at least three.)

      Keep writing and practice will make perfect. I invite you to read some of my hubs and hopefully, you may get some ideas.