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The Cute Female President. ( Part 3-fiction)

Updated on June 9, 2020

( Continued from Part 2).

It was only in recent years that Sumeya was nicknamed, “Shilingi” referring to her charity foundation which she named it as “Shilingi Sumeya Foundation.” This foundation aimed at helping the disadvantaged children, youth and the poor to get social assistance in the North Eastern part of Kenya.

Many students have graduated from universities in Kenya through the funding of Shilingi Sumeya Foundation. The locals in particular were grateful to her efforts to eradicate poverty in the region and raise the living standards of the poor within the locality.
Thousands of students, who benefited from Shilingi Sumeya, took the city centres by storm as they carried posters indicating their support for Sumeya.

Surprisingly, Sumeya named her party after her foundation, it was “Shilingi Sumeya Party” and this was seen as a strategy to invite more people who knew well about the mission of the foundation. Her deputy was a man from Kamba land as the two aimed to fully support each other in order to outcompete the outspoken numbers of Kikuyus and Kalenjins.

In her first political rally which was held in Garissa primary ground, Sumeya gave out a heartfelt speech that wetted the eyes of the audience, she said.

“My Somali people till when will we lead from behind? Have we totally surrendered ourselves to be led by others? We are really grateful of how the Kenya government welcomed us after our country Somalia was involved in a fierce civil war but that does not mean that we cannot aim to be among the presidents of this country. Do you know why Kikuyus and Kalenjins have politically thrived in Kenya? It is due to their unity and as we all know, unity is strength. If we unite, only if we love for others what we love for ourselves that’s when we are going to win this election as one party. The Shilingi Sumeya party derived from my foundation aims at different angles and goals in life. By God, if I win, I will extend the benefits of my foundation beyond North Eastern zone to the rest of Kenya. As my aim, I will increase the number of hospitals, schools and other social amenities in order to improve the living standards of Kenya. I will open up football academies in the country inorder to elavate soccer which will have connections with prominent European football clubs. During my reign, you will witness tangible improvements in economics, academic and in co-curricular activities of the nation. Choose wisely to be ruled fairly."

From that rally which was held in Garissa primary, the party gained reasonable number of supporters from the region. It begun to be recognized countrywide. In that debut rally alone it was attended by around seventy thousand people and Sumeya was seen as a bitter opponent in the presidential race, this rose fear in her competitors.

As the slogan of the party indicated, “Choose wisely to be ruled fairly,” Sumeya was calling for total understanding as she was not forcing people to vote for her because of ethnicity. Truth be told, this party had within its rank, some of the most famous politicians in the country. From its deputy Kalonzo to its secretary Anab Subow and from the treasurer Hassan Joho to its spokesperson Mike Sonko, no one was missing, all the political greats and the iconic figures were all in the squad of Shilingi Sumeya party. They were the striking force of the party.

It was because of these great people that the party gathered momentum each day and it gained maximum reputation countrywide. The party held numerous rallies and campaigns across the country as they targeted counties where their supporters were less. The incumbent president, whose party was facing imminent danger, invited Sumeya to the state house.

UHURU: Honestly speaking, Sumeya I never imagined that your party will be so strong like that.
SUMEYA: (smiles) Thanks a lot Uhuru for the compliment but I don’t want to settle for that margin only.
UHURU: Wow, so you want the whole country to follow you, I like your determination.
SUMEYA: As you have mentioned Mr. President even perfection will not stop me. (Laughs)
UHURU: (smiles)Okay Sumeya, the main purpose of calling you here is that I want you to withdraw from that party and join us before it gets too late.
SUMEYA: I am really sorry, Mr. President I can’t really do that.
UHURU: Sumeya think twice, then after this term we will support you but as for now, make up some stories and resign please.
SUMEYA: Mr. President, I am not in a position to offend you or be involved in an argument with you, please understand me, I want to be a president, I want to try it out.
UHURU: Okay Sumeya, it is your right as a citizen to be elected, anyway I only wanted to reason with you, I wish you all the best.

The meeting at the state House between the current president and Sumeya was indeed a fair discussion. Sumeya couldn’t forsake her ambitions for the sake of the president. She was determined to try it out this term and she was much positive of winning it all. Sumeya was now carrying the hopes of Somalis on her shoulders and she was not ready to accept any offers whatsoever at the expense of letting down her community.

( Part 4 coming soon ).


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