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The DARK crusade

Updated on January 20, 2010
Venus is dark :S
Venus is dark :S


So if you call it life then let Armageddon wake the furies of hell

And let the seven heavens tremble beneath Hade’s spell

For there is no mercy after the blood has been shed

The scavengers of hell at nemesis’s end will have fed

And all the angels will lose their wings into the darkness they bled

There is no word no prayer that would make it better no word could be said

Beware of the wrath of Aries for it has struck

The lifeless hearts thou’ shall cast a spell and a lock

It will rip your heart and burn your humanity to ashes

So come little mud-blooded angels walk through earth’s shell

And watch heaven fall to ground on its knees under the reign of hell

Fate has misguided your mundane body tossed you like insignificant coins

And your master’s wishes can echo in the dark as Damon rips through your loins

Windows open to life, yet sacred darkness will end the misery

And all what has been said, shed or bled will turn to a mystery

Darkness will seep into your soul just like as death plays its symphony

We are lost in travel time can’t find my peace of mind

For we all have been left in this time of need Blind

A traveler’s prayers which we knew turned inert

As the road has turned barren and dessert

Get ready to Join me to the battle and ride along

Little brothers on the wing on darkness and we conquer alone

Just follow me and join me for there is no beauty except in hate

The taste of blood will linger on our lips as he share it with Fate

Cast the cloak of darkness into the dim horizon as we watch the sun fade

For the last time and join me for all life must end , last crusade

~~~No more innocents left to kill

For the wholly grail we fill


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    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 8 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      Words well heeded before one tries to understand true rebellion,vengence or Armeggedon...