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The Damage We Can Become

Updated on January 24, 2014
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Damaged People from Michelle Robinson
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The Damage We Can Become

By Tony DeLorger © 2014

What lies you reap from your own demise,

circumstances derived from delusional eyes,

and all those lies you tell yourself,

to defend the reality of worthlessness felt,

is just the desperation of a foundation-less mind,

and the echoed words of your childhood rhyme.

As the seed of parents who never should have been,

the struggle to be someone a resolute dream,

but in life that striving creates a heartless rise,

the yearning for status and security, no compromise,

and the heart is seen as weakness, taught by that man,

who can never be satisfied, no matter what your stand.

So you live to conquer, build foundations of steel,

and cling to that prison, for there is no other deal,

and stick to your needs, for they define you you think,

love just a means to an end, if in sink,

so you use and abuse to get what you need,

no warmth or compassion, just blame not concede.

You wonder why people leave you in life,

when they don't fully perform and become wanting with spite,

for under that cold and seemingly calm demeanour,

a dragon so vile and voracious, the cleaner,

dispensing all who cross you without memory or trace,

cleaned of their being, you are a superior race.

But deep in the darkness of a mind so crippled,

truth teeters on the edge of your thoughts and ripples,

throughout your life the doubts of your path,

are teasing the reality that you have to impart,

and in that silence when nobody is there,

the question remains, do you even care.

Some things broken, can never be mended, no matter how much love and care is given. We all have free will.


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