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Little Boy Bear Glints

Updated on August 26, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' picture book author who loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

Little Boy Bear loved to sing in the tub!
Little Boy Bear loved to sing in the tub!

There Was Clinking Clamor Everywhere

Little Boy Bear had a huge day tomorrow and was competing in a school play. He would be deemed the star of a jazz dance quartet if he won the competition.

Mama Bear was working hard to create Little Boy Bear's dazzling costume, though he was extremely timid to dance and sing before his pals. Even so, Mama Bear prepared a warm bath with bubbles, and placed his darling toys in the tub, before leaving to prepare dinner. She also left the radio on so he wouldn't feel lonely bathing all by himself in the bathroom.

Little Boy Bear was carried away by the music and started practicing his dance number in the tub when his song began playing on the radio. He had a jolly old time dancing and singing in the tub. Water splattered everywhere! His favorite toys flew all over the place and a tangled puddle of water gathered on the cold floor.

Little Boy Bear’s older brother heard his clinking clamor from the garden below. And thought, since he was by now too late to eat dinner; he sneaked in through the bathroom window to see what was his baby brother was doing.

Would Mama Bear Discover the Mess?

Big Boy Bear dazed by the mess of his baby brother and surprised by all the fun he was having joined in. They tittered and hollered and sang and giggled. Little Boy Bear was also dug his shin and tossed soap bubbles in the air. And so, they hopped and danced in the tiny bathtub and clapped hands. After all, Big Boy Bear knew he could swiftly clean the mess before Mama Bear found out what they were doing.

Big Boy Bear Gathers the Toys

Little Boy Bear wondered why his older brother appeared so suddenly, yet, he was happy to share his bath. He hugged his brother and wanted to play a good game of battleship. They scrubbed the dirt off their backs. Luckily, Big Boy Bear turned off the faucet before a flood set in.

They finally got out of the tub before the water chilled and Big Boy Bear hastily picked up the scattered toys and colorful balls. He placed them in a large basket in a corner and used his towel to dry the floor. When the bathroom was neat and organized they brushed their teeth, before heading to the dining area to eat their dinner.

Little Boy Bear Wears Mama's Costume

Mama and Papa Bear were waiting for their cubs to eat and wondered why they were so late. Without saying a word, they quietly sat down next to each other before Papa Bear invited everyone to hold hands for a special dinner blessing.

After dinner, Little Boy Bear cleared the table and kissed his parent’s good night, and went straight to bed. Though he felt a tremendous deal of stage fright, he knew a peaceful night of sleep would ease his mind. This would energetically get him ready to perform in his grand dance number at school tomorrow.

Little Boy Bear was nearly late for school in the morning and fussed as he put on his glittering costume. He couldn't walk in his dance shoes either. Nevertheless, even though he was a bit mindful and uncomfortable in the dazzling outfit Mama made with funny-looking shoes, he knew he had to give his best performance ever. His Mama's silly costume didn't seem too bad after all when he admired himself in the mirror.

What's more, all his fanatical dancing and singing in the tub with his brother last night gave him an added dose of self-confidence. This helped him to perform his dance act flawlessly, regardless of how silly he thought he seemed dressed in Mama Bear's enchanting costume.

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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  • Craan profile imageAUTHOR

    Sheila Craan 

    7 years ago from Florida

    Thank you, Epi! I'm so happy for entertaining you and bringing you back in time. Writing for children is my life's work! I look forward to reading your children's stories!

  • epigramman profile image


    7 years ago

    Good morning Sheila from lake erie time ontario canada 7:59am and you are certainly a world class children's story author - and this big kid who is 54 now really went back in time when he read these words and now I don't ever want to grow up (well in actual fact , I haven't , anyway -lol) and I just want to team up with your dancing bear and dance the whole day through - Epi has been known to dabble in the children's storybook genre too but you are truly an inspiration and it's been so nice to meet you - sending you warm wishes and good energy from lake erie time ontario canada with first cup of coffee and Japanese koto and flute music


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