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The Dark Carpathians

Updated on July 28, 2016

The Dark Carpathians

The first thing anyone needs to know about this series is it is long!!! As of August 2nd, there will be thirty (30), books out in this series, to date I have read up unto book 26 (Dark Blood). I haven’t read the other books currently out in this series because I blatantly refuse to pay more than $7.99 for an eBook, so until the price goes down I will be putting my journey with the Carpathian people on hold.

So what is these books about?

So there is a race/species that live amongst humans, they are called Carpathians, they originate from the Carpathians mountains and they are from the Earth, they are like Vampires but they are not Vampires, in fact their elite warriors hunt vampire, which are essentially Carpathians who have gone rogue.

The premise of the Carpathian males is when they reach the age of 200 years, they lose their ability to feel emotions and see in color. They get these back when/if they find their lifemate, that one female that holds the other half of their soul, their light to their dark.

They are like Vampires in the fact that the need blood to survive, however, they never kill and they only take what they need to survive, they do not eat food, they sleep in the ground and they cannot walk in the sun, with this series, the thing that keeps them from being Vampire is that they do not kill when they feed and they help to protect humans from the unknown evil in the world. So a Carpathian male has the option to either die honorably and walk into the sun when they feel that they may turn rogue or have the strength and patience to wait for their life-mate.

The series of course follows individual Carpathians on their journey of them meeting their lifemate.

Book 1, Dark Prince is the story of Mikhail, who is the Prince of all Carpathian people, he is the vessel that ties them together, he keeps them connected. The story line begins with the reader finding out about who the Carpathian people and the fact that their race is dying out, there are not enough female Carpathians because of something that happened a long time ago that cause the Carpathian people unable to produce female offspring and because Carpathians must sleep in the ground during the daylight hours, and their children are unable to go to ground with them, a lot of the children do not survive their first year of life. Sounds interesting right?

I like the different take on the Vampire world. With most of the books, movies and TV shows showing the Vampires as always the good guys, it was good to see a Vampire story told from a different point of view.

Each book targets a specific Carpathian and how he finds his life-mate, now here is the catch with the life-mates, of course they are not just regular human females, they are females with strong physic abilities and because of this once they meet their life-mate, they are able to be converted from human to Carpathian. The Carpathians are able to do cool things like regulate their body temperature, dress and undress with just a thought, and shape shift into things including the air.

The one complaint that I have heard about these books is as the series progresses, the author takes us more into the world of the supernatural, she introduces us to Mages, Lycans, and Dragons. Since I read reviews on a book by book basis before I read them, I noticed that a lot of people didn’t like that, they wanted the books to be more like the first couple of books and the series and I adamantly disagree with all of those people who says that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the first couple of books, (Darius and Tempest) are my favorite couple, I savored reading their story.

I find myself enjoying the story line more as the series moves on, I was actually starting to get sick and tired of reading about the human females, who had no clue about the supernatural world. It seems like most of the book is explaining to them what is going on and then chapters and chapters of their denial, and then finally the lead female doing something to put herself in danger. It maybe just me but I like when everyone is on the same page.

I like the later books in the series because there is not a lot of waste less explaining which in my opinion becomes repetitive and as a reader you get tired of having the same thing explained in each and every book.

Most people who have been avid fans of the series state that they didn’t like the later books and were just reading so they could read the highly anticipated (Demetri and Skyler-for those who will read the series, you will know who these two are). I disagree with that, oh I absolutely adored Demetri and Skyler’s story, but I enjoyed almost all of the books in the series. Don’t get me wrong, out of the 26 books that I have read, there were about 5 of them that I could have done without

My Top Five

  1. Dark Fire
  2. Dark Celebration
  3. Dark Wolf
  4. Dark Magic
  5. Dark Melody

The only real complaint I have about these books is that some of the books are novellas or fillers and what I mean by fillers is that while the first 2 books takes place in the Carpathian Mountains, eventually you learn about the warriors that were sent around the world to protect humans from Vampires, and their books is mostly about them making their way back to the Carpathian Mountains (understand centuries have passed), and on their journey they meet their life-mate.

If you are looking for a great Paranormal series, I would highly recommend this series to anyone.

Dark Carpathians


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