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The Daughter of Time

Updated on October 17, 2014

Review - The Daugher of Time (Josephine Tey)

The Daughter of Time was the first book that made me take a real look at how history is recorded and the pitfalls of automatically accepting as correct information just because it is printed in a history text.

In this book, Josephine Tey puts the deductive skills of Alan Grant, Scotland Yard Inspector, to the question of the true nature of Richard III and whether he actually killed his nephews, the "Young Princes" in the Tower of London in 1483.

Inspector Grant, a character who appears in five additional Tey novels, is hospitalized and confined to bed with a broken leg. Priding himself on being able to determine a person's nature based strictly upon his appearance, Grant becomes fascinated with a postcard portrait of Richard III who seems to him to be a kind and gentle man unlikely to have committed such a horrendous crime as the murder of his two young nephews.

As the novel unfolds, Grant is aided by several friends and an American-born researcher in laying out the case that Richard may have been innocent of the crimes with which he is now so closely associated. Is Richard's heinous reputation based not in truth, but rather in Tudor propaganda that has grown and twisted over time?

Combining elements of both mystery and history, The Daughter of Time is a beautifully written suspense-filled novel which serves to hold the reader's attention from beginning to end. Read the book and then examine your own theory on the demise of the "Princes in the Tower!"

(Suitable for Advanced Readers, Teens, YA and Adults!)

The Daughter of Time
The Daughter of Time

You've already read MY review of The Daughter of Time, now read a few more!

Raves for The Daughter of Time:

"One of the permanent classics in the detective field" -- Anthony Boucher

"Not only one of the most important mysteries of the year, but of all years of mystery." -- Dorothy B. Hughes

"The unalloyed pleasure of watching a really cultivated mind in action! Buy and cherish!" -- Boston Sunday Globe Review


Awards for The Daughter of Time

* Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time (Crime Writers' Association) (1990, #1)

* Top 100 Mysteries of All Time (Mystery Writers of America) (1995, #4)

Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority

History is written by the victors, or, maybe Richard III wasn't such a bad guy after all.

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    • profile image

      BarbaraCasey 4 years ago

      This book was listed on a Dana Stabenow Facebook post about incredibly well-written books a couple of days ago. I just reserved the first two books in the series and am really looking forward to this one. I've read enough Richard III material to be open-minded about what really happened. I'd recommend the Sharon Kay Penman book, too.

    • TapIn2U profile image

      TapIn2U 6 years ago

      Great! I love novels especially historical novels. I think this novel is perfect and full of inspirational facts.

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image

      Missmerfaery444 7 years ago

      A really good historical novel is my second favourite genre after fantasy, and this looks really good, thanks for sharing!