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The Dawn of Night

Updated on September 21, 2016

When light sheds upon a weary moon
the break of day is coming soon.
The stars will fade they'll fall again
and all the world will start to live.
But me, i dread the break of day,
it seems to take my life away.
It steals from me the love I had
and turns the page of good to bad.
When dark sheds upon a weary sun
the day, the light, the pain is done.
The stars return to take their place
and the moon rises to what I face.
It takes my pain with room to spare
it takes my tears and they gather there
in the clouds beside the place
that carries some hope, just incase.
So I can return to the life I knew
and all the love that comes with you


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    • Silent Sinner profile image

      Silent Sinner 19 months ago

      This poem is so beautiful and captivating.