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The Continuous Short: The Day Bed 2

Updated on September 26, 2017
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Jacqueline is a published author. Among her many books are: "Wait Until Autumn," "Threads of a Tapestry" and "Simply Living Godly."

Lauren's unique beauty seemed to transcend time.
Lauren's unique beauty seemed to transcend time.

“I just got tired of the Pomp. Brandon was away from home constantly leaving me to content with his bloody staff.” Victoria states in frustration betraying her origins.

“I would have thought you’d be used to household staffs remembering your mother Lady Lauren.” Cyndi replies.

“Perhaps, this is one of the reasons I couldn't tolerate it anymore. It wasn’t exactly my best past-times.” Victoria says again smiling.

“It was just so abrupt. You left him and came here to live with your brother in this spacious penthouse.” Cyndi interjected still not understanding why her friend left. “Your brother isn’t—wasn’t exactly a homebody either.”

“Yes I know—I had been discussing the prospects with Alex for quite some time. He is—was the kind of person you could discuss anything with. That’s why he got along so well with everyone.” Victoria defends.

“Yes, it was incredible that he managed to remain a bachelor. I think Elle had really set her cap on marrying him. Even Lady Lauren felt that Elle would make the perfect daughter-in-law. Elle is more like your mother than you are, Vickie!” Now Cyndi is smiling.

“I know—I could never be described as a jet setting debutant.” Victoria replies. “I was always finding some excuse to come to the States to be with my grandparents and Cameron.”

“Ah yes, your Uncle Cameron—it’s hard to believe that they are even related.” Now both Victoria and Cyndi are laughing.

Extraordinarily beautiful and indulged shamelessly by her British husband, Lord Galen Alexander (Tipp) Covington II, Lauren Covington exemplifies social grace and decorum. Never one to tolerate misconduct; Lauren drilled her daughter not only in the social elegances of her adopted country but in the arts as well. Older brother Galen III enjoyed his father’s passion for commerce.

“Dear Lady Lauren, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was so very pleasant to look at—well I wouldn’t have been able to stand her.” Cyndi exclaims.

“Cyndi, my mother is one to dot every “i” and cross every “t” isn’t she?”Victoria asks while the ends of her mouth curl up even more.

Yes, she is. Do you remember the time that she found you rummaging through the large trash bin …” Victoria stops Cyndi in midsentence.

“I certainly do. Please, don’t go any further!” Victoria cautions.

“Your new summer dress was covered in filth and you were almost unrecognizable.” Cyndi adds.

“I was only looking for that emerald ring she had given me. Mum would have had a spasm if she knew I tossed it by mistake.” Victoria is now at the point of holding her sides with laughter.

For about ten minutes the ladies are at the point of hysteria, before returning to a more subdued topic.

“I’m surprised you didn’t go back to Covington Manor with your parents.” Cyndi replies changing the subject.

“Mother is in such a state right now. Plus there are so many people at the Manor right now, maybe later.” Victoria says soberly.

“That’s why you need to get away for a while. The change will do you good. There will be tons of people at Westchester as well. What you need, I think, is an adventure. You need to go somewhere where you clear your mind. You've spent so much time on this latest project until you seem to forget you are also entitled to a life as well.” Cyndi reprimands her dear friend.

“Well—that was the reason why Alex and I are …” This time it is Victoria who stops herself. Her warm mahogany-brown eyes suddenly mist with the thought of her friend and confidant.

“It will be like this for a while, Vickie. You need to get away from New York.” Cyndi tells her friend; giving her a sisterly hug.

“I know—it’s just so very fresh in my mind. I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to talk to Alex about an idea I have for a story. He was never one to complain about me disturbing him at all hours. The reality of never making those calls again...” Victoria bemoans.

“I didn't think I complained that much about your Midnight Madness.” Cyndi says sounding hurt.

“I didn't mean it like that, Cyndi and you know it. It’s just that …” Victoria lets her voice trail off.

“I understand, Vickie. Why don’t you use the sleeping aid Dr. Thornton prescribed? Only five pills … hardly enough to create an addiction.” Cyndi chides.

“Maybe just this once, Cyndi; it’s really good having you to confide in.” Victoria tells Cyndi and really means it.

“And you do the same, luv.” Victoria answers as she gently closes the door behind her.

Returning to her lounger, Victoria looks around the patio. Far from the bustling city streets below, it’s like a haven. For the past six months, Victoria has shared this abode with Galen. He has been more than just a big brother protector; he’s been a friend.

Closing Comments ...

And now we are off to a very good start. From here you as the writer could go in a number of directions. This would be a good time to introduce a flashback while the protagonist is sleeping. You could lead up to the time just before Galen's accident or you could venture even further. Since this could be a continuation of short stories (say for a blog or magazine) you would want to make sure that you capture and hold your reader's imagination.

© 2014 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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    • Jacqueline4390 profile image

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 3 years ago from Memphis

      When writing a continuous short, there should be plenty of dialog but don't get lost in your characters.