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The Day My Heart Was Stolen By An Angel

Updated on March 14, 2013


For those wondering why I haven't written a lot of reviews lately, the thing is that I met a girl named Katie recently that stolen my heart from the very first day we met. Although anyone could buy the person they love, or care about, a fancy gift from a store. I decided to do something special for her this holiday year.

This poem is dedicated in her honor, as I hope she'll come to love it. I love you, Katie, and I hope you enjoy this hub dedicated to you.

Anyways, I hope you all will enjoy reading, and in case I don't see any of you, I hope you all have a very happy holiday.

The Day My Heart Was Stolen By An Angel

One faithful day,

My heart was stolen from an angel that fell from the sky,

From the moment I first held her in my arms,

To the moment we shared our first kiss,

I couldn't help but fall madly in love with her,

Every moment we ever shared together has been a blessing that I shall always cherish,

Not a day ever goes by that I don't always think about her,

The very thought of her makes my heart soar,

As my heart only wants to belong to her alone,

If I don't receive any gifts this holiday season,

I could care less,

As I've already received the greatest gift of all...a beautiful angel that has stolen my heart..

I love you, Katie, and Merry Christmas


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