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The Day The Other Humans Came: Chapter 3.

Updated on August 26, 2014

Chapter 3.

... It looked like Hong Kong to me. The bustling chokehold of the south Asian market turned into a tsunami, the unbearable press of human hysteria mounting like the economic fervour unleashed on the prowl in this rabid island state. Alleyways and roads clogged with the populace like diseased arteries of mass panic as people thronged before a darker than black rip in the atmosphere, a sore laceration on reality itself. The drunken sway of the smartphone camera lurched forward, it's tinny microphone quailing beneath the relentless wails and clamour of animal pens of humanity squeezing their way to seize a glimpse of the shrapnel, the devastation, the teasing hint of change from the endless ant march of their lives. The manic throes of the streaking, grainy camera found their way to the centre, the hub of concern and furor over the drunken grape crush, producing a heady nausea at the woman, in a black overall, shuddering beneath the cruel tutelage of the rip above, harshly administering a fresh existence hypodermic into her psyche. Her vibrant red bobbed hair waved listlessly in the humid breeze.

Empathy was placed on hiatus for curiosity as the woman rose, the crowd gasping, gabbling and scrabbling collectively for superlatives of their own horror. The speechless white noise was superseded by the din of sirens and the calls of officialdom, as if from nowhere another miracle for this ancient bay, breathless as the dragon fire of Chinese myth, soldiers materialised, ringing the bemused, standing woman. The muted green of military uniform was a suppressed verve of the surrounding culture's garish red and tenacity of a dense population. Each gun they held towards the upended woman bared like teeth to rend any difference from autocracy to shreds.

The woman eyed their guns with ready indifference, algae green of her eyes measuring them in ways each soldier couldn't sense. The humidity stuck the boot in, I could see it in the brows each onlooker mopped away as they sued for normality amid the chaos, myriad stalls and shop fronts observing dolefully at the attention so uncouthly snatched from their bustling, neon wares. The woman's oval face appeared slim under the volume of her rust coloured hair, wide elongated lips stretched further over her flat cheeked face as her almond eyes narrowed in accord with the knowing smirk. "I was informed there may be a predilection for, hostility," her monotone address rang out like Morse Code in a tin can through the substandard speaker, I couldn't help but think of that radio play by Orson Welles, his version of War of the Worlds, as screams rippled like bad weather in Calhoun Bay when the woman hurled her arms out, wrenching the rifles from soldiers' hands, forcing each soldier rigid, unseen ropes coiling around them!

I paused the video and tossed my phone aside, enough media hype for me today, I leaned back and shut my eyes, forcing one lid apart to nose at what my very own oddball from the strange birth canal cutting over the sky was up to. Within my frantic pursuit of trending videos depicting others deposited on earth, I had failed to notice how the fuck he had managed to convert the rubbish he'd pilfered from my bin into a mesh tube levitating a meter above my hapless downtrodden carpet. I sighed and rubbed my eyes. "Too much alcohol, that's your problem," my 'alien' observed. "Never feel the need to paint the dimensions red?" I murmured, "if I did that, then we'd all be microscopic lumps of jelly," the man in black retorted, flinching as he emphatically slapped my hand. "OW! What the fuck... ?!" I yelled, "patience," he cautioned, I followed the order of my new lodger and the stale slick of alcohol soaking into my brain, evaporated.

"My hangover!" It was a miracle. "You're welcome," he answered, "I forced a salve into your bloodstream, balancing out the effects of alcohol on your brain... an emulation of my own impervious DNA to your primitive mind altering substances." Impervious eh? So none of these black suits can get drunk or stoned? Talk about a civilisation of party animals! "It must be non stop fun for your lot," I answered. "There's more to existence than submerging your consciousness with damaging toxins. Yeast ferments in alcohol, entropy, a chaotic state of once fresh juice, doesn't that imply something?" He asked. "Yes! Some fun, irresponsible and stupid sexual relations... " a way to spunk your life away when you're an economic wallflower!

The 'alien' shook his head with a wry smile, "such ignorance in the face of overwhelming possibility," he replied, gesturing to the TV, "your screaming lights, merchants in advertisements beseeching your primal sense of one up man ship. You will presently come to understand what your existence truly heralds... if you do not eradicate yourselves first."

Stretching back, I almost felt high as the sofa cushions and cool leather kissed my back. Fresh as a daisy never covered this unknotted lightness fluttering gaily in my chest and waltzing across my mind. "So, what are you people?" I asked, my levity putting me in a quizzical mood, a nagging static of wonder over what had gone on today.

"Humans, of course." His reply was caustic with sarcasm, he was hooked on the latticed mesh, it had begun to throb with light, "ever heard of the multiverse?" I slowly nodded, "I thought not," he continued, "besides, our human race come from a universe where earth was more conducive to human evolution... several million years earlier." "Ah, so that's why you're so smug? You've got a head start on us, so you're so superior down to luck? Give this guy a medal!" I rambled sarcastically. The mesh paused, he turned to me, seeming a hawk against me as a pigeon, "if that's how you feel, then it seems you don't want my help," his irritating bland edge took an aggrieved aspect as he drove the nails in my world's coffin home. "There is a quality within your DNA that is more precious than you know, but wallow in ignorance perpetually if you desire, or... " his hand extended out to the mesh, it's beige lattice began to pulse a second time "indulge our species' inherent curiosity." Sod's Law as always, the gauntlet was thrown down and the call for me to change my life had been extended as a challenge, destiny my fellow duelist... let's combat against fate then stranger, I decided...

© Brad James, 2014.


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