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The Day The Other Humans Came: Chapter 7.

Updated on November 24, 2014

Chapter 7:

The smattering of witches and warlocks observed me with more than a hint of self-satisfied rejoicing, eyes glimmering like the motes of beauty in the galaxy I had levitated over earlier in the day. I too swelled in unison with their hope, heartbeat matching blinks, a pulsating rhythm where I now understood unity and purpose as an intricacy webbing on invisible strands to yoke each soul into an atom. We are all atoms in a spiritual inner space which apes the outer impeccably, I thought, my insides smoother and more calm than I'd ever known them to be, a tranquil mercury of dozing emotion, solely required for the movement of interaction, purely superficial.

As one, the "Humans" lifted their arms in unison, spokes of a wheel that had spun a yarn since the dawn of existence. As one, threads of their mentality burrowed a way into my skin, icicles, rejuvenating in their earnest search, a cold bath of magnificence, feeding into every pore. All pervading energy wrapped my soul in an affinity and determinism that gifted the mundane passage of my life a pleasantness. I saw my routine, stuck in a flat, being unemployed and viewed as worthless by the corporate machine, as a fallacy, a farce that was a bitter parody of meaning. Rich, warm humour caressed my chest, viewing me the hamster on the pointless wheel. Streaking by in a glimpse, that was sum total of society and civilisation, a glimpse trying to stay frozen, as I atrophied under the true elegance of the universe, the fleeting torrent of time was something to be appreciated, everything moved on...

... I stood, engulfed by a myriad of doors, punctures amid the blackness, wounds in it's stark beauty. I felt lost, stranded, which was a good thing, a blessing among the autocracy of choice. A muted void smacked of leisure and intuition and I ghosted forward to the door 'appealing' to me most. I only progressed several steps when I stepped out before me, barring the entrance. I skidded to a halt, my alarm deafening despite the silence, curiosity lining my clenched heart, feathering like the cracks of light along the doorway. "Well well well, it's you," 'I' chirped jovially, a reflection almost serpentine and possessed of a grace I thought I was incapable of. This me was dressed to kill, masterfully tailored suit taking the piss out of dilapidated me in busted jeans and disintegrated trainers. A hand brushed my shoulder and I flinched, peace melting under the appreciative gaze of a more effeminate, slimmer me, "hmm, rough and ready suits me, fancy getting bi-curious with your doppelganger?" He purred. Dextrously freeing myself from his insidious gropes, I smiled meekly, "no thanks mate... that ain't really the twin fetish I've got."

"Besides, any sexual activities between two variants of the same being, living in different universes, would disrupt the harmony of the multiverse," a more authoritative version of my voice greeted from the shadows. A 'me' clad in the black jumpsuit identical to the one 'Bob' wore emerged. This one was another mirror image of myself, yet so imbued with poise and command that I trembled a little beneath his graceful gaze. "You're me from this world, right?" I quailed, his nod arriving like approval from a master, restoring my tenuous peace. "Enough about versions of us and how much we'd like to fraternise, we have a plan to focus on," 'I' said, turning towards the blackness, away from the doors. "What are the doors then?" I asked him, "they head back to where you came from?" 'He' answered, vanishing into the embrace of the nothingness, though his disappearance lent 'me' an ostensibly more tangible presence for all 'my' invisibility. I inspected the place I occupied - as the other homosexual me from another universe tried to link our arms - it had a basic feel to it, yet remained suffused with a saturation that could change on a whim, given enough of a shove in the right direction. Nothingness sure feels like a lot, I thought, rolling my eyes and letting the gay me have a minor victory in clasping my hand, so I have the potential to be gay in other universes? That's it! The void here was potential, it was a place between universes, where other existences could pop into existence and out again before time even knew it's origin.

An end has a start, a death knell is only carried on the buoyancy of sound... and our journey ceased, footsteps ahead severing at the terminus of our quest. The three other mes congregated around the lead me, who was transfixed on a luminous rip, a tear in reality's fabric. All of me examined the lesion with more than a little nervousness, hungry tongues of illumination tore along the edges of the exposed rim, the bare fragments exposed scraped raw nerves, forcing chills along the wormholes of my veins. That instant forced all the psyches of the four of me gathered at the scar, a soul, a unity of vibrancy and life fleshing over a scab, a wound and ache that sought to ravage vitality of existence... "this is the wound in reality I was told about wasn't it?" I asked myself. 'I' turned, curious appreciation on my fresh, soft-edged handsome features, I really do look young without the burden of unemployed shame on my shoulders, I realised. "You really are inquisitive aren't you?" 'I' said to me, "remember the emptiness of the rhetoric that abounds in the futility of society the so-called political elite in your world try to impress on you. You'll take so much from this experience and evolve into more... but for now, we must become a single unit here and plug that gap in reality." I watched the tear as it altered shades on each breath and resolved back again, a maw alive in destructive lust. The life I lived back on earth was a rip in of itself, I need to sew that up too, but first things first.

© Brad James, 2014.


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