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The Day - Today - The 16th

Updated on May 16, 2014

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Welcome back, I am glad you found your way. I hope you have been enjoying my insightfully random; yet helpful, honest; yet comical, and, personal; yet empathic hubs of late.

I will be talking some more about my stress levels and my health levels after yesterday's hub pretty much focusing on that. You know it does often help to talk about the things that are quite close to you, and if you cannot talk to anyone about them - in my case, they are not too bad, just reoccurring - then you should type about them or do something else to get them out in a positive way.

So then: Stress - have things gotten better?

I would say so. Yesterday I was lucky enough to just, literally, unplug. I closed the windows and curtains, shutting the road noise and sunlight out. The latter was due to it shining into the lounge and making me feel pretty uncomfortable, as it always has when it is sunny out - right into my eyes. I actually taped a towel over the window and things stared to become pretty relaxing. And that is what I did most of the day.

I sat on the sofa and caught up with 'House of Cards' and a few other DVDs I got hold of.

I just shut the world out and did everything I wanted to do. Well, not exactly. If I had to not do what I wanted to do, and I had to take it easy.. This is what I would want to do.

I would like to say everything changed and I felt like new or like I used to. But, that would be a lie. I did/do feel better but I can see stress from the window, peeking from behind a hedge. My stomach ache is still here - but it is not as bad as it was. The road noise - amazingly! - is still here! The weather is due to be the hottest of the year today - they'll be a storm later bringing the temperature down below 20 if the forecasters are right. The dogs barked last night but that was just as I got into bed - no connection - and then they did for the rest of the night. I guess the owners were out last night... !

So yes, feeling better. But all the triggers are alive and well and I guess, dictating how to feel. Some might say that I have control etc. I would ask those people where they live and how their bank accounts look and also about the amount of money coming into their lives, and how much is leaving - that is something I did not mention yesterday.

The Weather & I - A little story

I have a love/hate relationship with the weather. I love it when the sun comes out; warming away the winter finally. I love it when the snow falls; and it gets a little chilly, blanketing the landscape silently. I have to say though, I really cannot cope with the weather's extremes.

Now, this may well be because I come from The UK - the weather there is known to be average at best. The most extreme weather the UK faces - generally - is a lot of rain or a lot of miserable cloud. Miserable clouds that don't make it impossible to live a normal active life though!

Of all things, I dislike heat, hot heat. Worst of all is humidity. I would say when the temperature starts to creep above 25, things start to get a little too much. However, if there is a strong wind, things are not too bad at all.

The problem with the UK weather is that when it does get too hot, there is no air conditioning to chill things out. The little box rooms - that people pay far too much for - turn into little mini pressure cookers or dysfunctional crematoriums. Anyway..

Last year when I was in Berlin, the temperature got to just under 40 and stayed there for FAR too long - about a week or so. I literally thought I was going to die. I had no escape and I also lived in an area full of wonkas - willy wonkas.

I remember losing it and looking online for flights - after looking at country forecasts. Iceland seemed like the best bet, it was cloudy and wasn't really getting above 10 or 11. Sadly though, the flight was about £350 and I didn't have that.

The worst time was in London though, when I was working nights. I woke up at about 2pm. And started to freak out. I was far too hot. I needed to cool down. I got up and when out of the flat and into the corridor - seeking a cool breeze. I didn't get this. I ran outside - looking for the same. I didn't get this. The temperature was not changing in the slightest. This is when I started to get hot and cold. I managed to clamber back to my flat and strip naked. Luckily I had a fan and I threw water on myself and slumped in and office chair. I started to feel better but I could not escape the heat.


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