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The Night of Terror

Updated on June 18, 2013

Dark cloaked against the night

The shadow slipped through the trees

The moon was full of reflected light

A wind blew a gentle breeze

The village was just ahead

Wood and timber houses

Soon they would all be dead

The men and even the spouses

Three hundred years he has lived

Drinking blood in the darkest night

On this new land he has thrived

The natives can not face his might.

The village came into view

Surrounded by the tribes braves

Word had traveled to these few

Who were armed with arrows and staves.

A blur of shadow was all they saw

As he crossed the ground from the tree

A quick snatch of a young squaw

Whose soul would soon be free.

Arrows and spears filled the air

He dodged them all with a sneer

Fangs extended her throat did tear

Sampled her blood, a sweet new fare

Dropping her body while on the run

He darted deeper into the woods

A grin split his cheek with a fevered burn

This tribe was full of tasty goods,


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