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The Days We Sailed

Updated on June 27, 2016
Lake Champlain
Lake Champlain | Source
Lake Champlain at Dusk
Lake Champlain at Dusk | Source

The tack was lethal, so I popped the lines.

We stopped in water far from shore. Those pines

And birches stood away. We drifted, pumped

The water out, and sighed. We've not yet thumped

'Gainst Red Rocks Park. Yet neither do we glide

Through water as it should be done. The side

Should show, but not that much. Let's tack again

And hope to sail, survive, and schoon like men

Accustomed to the sea. And so we did.

We tacked that day and then, as though t'were bid,

We tacked another. So it went until

We'd sailed the bay and harbor. And I still

Possess those pictures of the boat. T'was slow

And able for that place I once did know.


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