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The Dead Don't Live Here Anymore

Updated on July 15, 2011
Original Photo By: Ian Leverette
Original Photo By: Ian Leverette

Where do you go when your body dies? ... It happened to me twenty two years ago.

It was time for bed as usual and I was plain out exhausted. I really hadn't done anything too strenuous that day, but my body was feeling totally fatigued and worn out. I died when my head hit the pillow -- literally. The doctors in the E.R. just shook their heads and told me that I did actually die. There was no heart beat and no brain waves. The Paramedics that responded to the scene described it as something of a miracle. They told me that when they arrived, I had no vital signs of any kind. CPR was performed and a defibrillator had been activated and used three times to try and revive me. I was pronounced dead at 10:11pm on a calm and peaceful Tuesday night. The police were called in as this is standard procedure when you die at home. My wife was distraught and absolutely in a state of shock. I was told that my heart had stopped for up to 23 minutes. But I'll tell you something really weird. No one in the room was expecting a dead person to wake up after that length of time, ... and that's exactly what happened.

I never realized that a dead body, by law, could not be transported to the hospital by ambulance. Instead, a licensed pick up crew has to be called in to take the body to a designated hospital for a postmortem to be performed. When someone dies at home, it seems that this is just another one of those standard procedures. It's amazing what one can learn, after you're dead.

What I'm about to tell you may appear way off the charts for many of you, but it happened, as God is my witness. For those of you who don't believe in the hereafter, stop reading right now and go about your daily business. I'm sure you must have better things to do rather than listen to a bunch of rubbish like this. But if you're a believer, feel free to read on.

I don't even remember my head making it to the pillow below me. But I do remember lifting out of my body and looking down at this someone on the bed. My wife came into the room and began shaking the person lying there. Without recognizing myself at first, I felt nothing for this figure -- no pain, no sorrow, absolutely no feelings at all. That stranger lying there meant nothing to me, even though I began to slowly realize that it was me, or rather the body that I had become accustomed to. An incredible sense of freedom, warmth and pleasure flooded over and through me like a huge, rolling wave from the ocean. To describe it to you in more detail is simply not possible. This is something that one has to truly go through themselves. I knew and felt exactly what was happening to me but I also realized that others would have to go through a completely different sensation from the one I was going through. It is a one of a kind thing that happens to each and every individual, but at different levels that one cannot even begin to explain. It is true about what they say when you die. Knowing everything there is to know about humanity and the Universe is mirrored right there in front of you. It is so easy and understandable. You just instantly know all the answers to what and why. This mystery all unfolds before you like a picture book and you now simply understand every secret and revelation of what was kept hidden from you throughout your lifetime.

A fog unfolded before my eyes and I was now staring through what appeared to be a tunnel of dense gray and white cumulus clouds. I noticed that I was wearing a white robe made of some sort of cloth which I didn't pay any attention to. There were people in the distance wearing the same attire and as I got closer to them, I could sense familiarity in passing. There was no fear, no excitement -- just contentment in knowing what this place was, that I had been here before and all who approached me were those of whom I felt an extreme closeness to. Age is of no concern. Sickness does not exist in this new realm. It is where I am supposed to be and I continued to drift further and deeper through this vast tunnel which was void of time and space.

A rather dim and inviting light became visible at some distance away. The more I advanced, the more love and warmth engulfed my spirit. Hundreds of people had now passed by me and there were several that I shared a deep fondness and remembrance with. No words were spoken as none were required. You just knew and shared everything. My soul had become an open window for all to see through, and that is how it is here.

The light had now consumed me in all its glory but to describe this feeling to you is beyond human comprehension, for you are no longer human in this place. I continued to walk further into the light, knowing that this was wrong for whatever reason. But I was so intrigued by this phenomenon that I was utterly compelled to find out for myself where this voyage would take me.

A white mist was slowly revealing itself before me on the other side of this warm, welcoming light. My vision was being obscured from seeing through it and I didn't know why. Up to this point in my journey, I had known and sensed everything around me but now I was at the end of the tunnel and was being barred from going any further. Then, in the blink of an eye, an opening appeared directly in front of me and I saw what no one has ever seen before, at least no one that had ever returned from this place.

There was a sky, as blue as blue could be and meadows of green and gold that stretched out as far as the eye could see. Two enormous rainbows of such vast and brilliant colors were set off to the right of me and a long, winding river of luminous, silver light appeared on the left. Doves and birds of all different kinds were hovering over and around me. Suddenly, I noticed a rather tall, compelling figure standing before me. I could tell it was the silhouette of a man. His face was hidden by a deep, gray shadow and a radiant, pulsating glow surrounded him where he stood. I could see other beings close by and they appeared to be floating in the now, light tangerine colored mist. Somehow, they were maneuvering around with what appeared to be transparent wings, but how could that be? I was told and read about these stories all through my life on earth but passed them along as myths and fables from generations gone by.

Revealed before me, which I could not take in just yet because it was all happening so fast, were two individuals of a rather young looking appearance. I knew they were my parents in a time before this, and there was a wonderful feeling of explicit happiness and extreme closeness. They were so young though, not old at all and both smiled at me. Standing beside them and to my amazement, was my beloved Old English Sheepdog, Shyanne, who I missed so much. This had to be a dream, but it wasn't. This was as real as you are reading this right now. I knelt down and wrapped my arms around Shyanne. Her bum was wriggling as it always did when she was happy and her tongue was slurping my face. Tears began to swell up in my eyes. There were so many questions to ask. Even though I knew and sensed all knowledge before arriving at this mystical place, now I was confused. My parents looked down at me and without any words being spoken, they were telling me that it was not time for me to be here and that I was to go back. I didn't understand why and sensed a great sadness for the first time being here. But I did have a feeling earlier that it was not right for me to have ventured this far. As I turned my head to look back, there was a jolt like a train stopping quickly on the tracks. When my eyes opened, I realized immediately that I was back in my bedroom, with a lot of very surprised looking people standing around me, and some even gasping in amazement. The sadness I was feeling was immense and overwhelming. I was home and then in a flash, -- no longer.

Yes, my heart did stop for no reason and yes, I did die without any pain. But as some people predict just blackness and nothingness at the end of life, this was about as far away from that belief as you can possibly get. Earlier articles that I wrote contain segments involving psychic powers. One such article mentioned the night we attended a seance in Merrickville, Ontario. When I arrived with a few other friends, our two hosts questioned me on why I was there. They blurted out to me that they could see sparks shooting from my head. I just laughed and pretended I knew nothing of what they were talking about. But the fact is, I did know. I can't see or hear what these mediums, seers or psychics seem to take for granted. However, there is one thing I came away with that night when I returned from the dead twenty-two years ago. My power of 'Knowing' became very real for me after that experience.

I began delving into the supernatural with Tarot Cards, crystal balls and Ouija. Over time and with much passion, belief and confidence, I opened my own psychic parlour. That didn't last long however. Many of the people I read for wanted to know more and some even shed tears, which disturbed me to no end. Now, I just read for convenience, fun and my own pleasure. People I do readings for are told one or two things only and no more. What I say to them is in private and at no charge. Each person is informed of an event, relationship or something that will involve them within a seven month period. Many cannot see or understand what I am talking about but always return to tell me that, I was 'O' -so right. It could be something going on in their life right now or an event which is about to unfold suddenly without warning. But one thing is for certain -- it will happen and sometimes, not always for the best.

For those of you who are still with me, this sounds about as nuts as anyone can get and I can't blame you. I would laugh it off as a hoax, lie, scam or a ridiculous made up fairy tale. But if you dare, send me your photo, birth date, a hair sample or a piece of paper with your handwriting on it that no one else has touched. This sounds so uncanny, I know. But it gets better!

Because you have read this and now know what I have seen, as written above, I will read your cards if that is what you wish.

But, remember one thing and one thing only --- this could be somewhat important to you. Not long after I tell you what I have seen in your cards, a person that you love very much, will also experience similar visions to what I have seen.

For them however, they will never return, and that is a fact, because as everyone knows, 'The Dead Don't Live Here Anymore'.

Twilight Zone? You be the judge.


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    • ianleverette47 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      Isn't it sad how time flies and what one can learn after so many years.

    • profile image

      Marlene Leverette 

      7 years ago

      I didn't know about all these talents you have you dear brother (in-law).

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you Ian for your work, you are a noble man and I appreciate you! Thank you for taking the time to answer me. Blessings

    • ianleverette47 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      This woman sent me a personal email, but because she read this hub, I am publishing her reading here.


      Let the sun shine through on your new found path. A separation is soon to occur or is taking place and this will lead from much thought to quite a bit of rejoicing. New friendships are to be found and will lead to better and healthier times as you leave the past behind. This is no time to feel sorry for yourself over what is happening. This is pure destiny and who's at fault is of no concern.

      A new, close bond will form with someone coming into the present.

      You are a woman of destiny and in a profession of your own. You are a counselor of sorts and others listen closely to what you are saying.

      Water is quite prevalent in your cards if that means anything to you. My advice is to go with the flow as everything is in your favor.

      As in one of my stories where I was told I was a teacher and adviser to many, in a former life, the same can be said about you, today.

      A friend of ours travels throughout Canada and the USA in search of haunted places and quite often travels to Gettysburg. She has told me stories that I have taped and true or not, she is able to see and talk to ghosts. Her stories are wonderful to listen to but there are those who frown, as is to be expected.

      As her MS disability continues, her inner psychic weakens and it is truly sad. She talks about the soldiers she sees and talks to from the Civil War and the little boy, Jeremy, who she also talks with in her bedroom while in Gettysburg.

      You are one to understand a story such as this while others may laugh. I am glad you like my stories, if stories are really what they are.

    • ianleverette47 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      A few things left out earlier:

      New life, new relationships, new creations are fragile.

      Love, attention and time will solidify that.

      Being afraid to lose everything up to this point in life may be tough but consider what you will still have if all comes to pass - knowledge and experience. Your friends will never abandon you.

    • ianleverette47 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada


      I believe that is your name.

      I see a person, a close friendship from your past - returning. You have had a ton of burden placed upon your shoulders and big decisions to make. There is a fellow with dark hair and (perhaps) a tan color to his skin, someone that is most likely involved with finances (money)of some sort. Can't seem to get a good fix on him. You're seeking guidance, advice on what to do next.

      Happiness is what you strive for but are not quite there yet - almost. There is something missing from your family life, your home life that has placed a question mark around everything.

      I do see you walking away and not turning back which is perhaps the best thing to do right now.

      This is to be done soon.

      Now as I mentioned before in my hub, whatever I say in a reading may have just happened, is going on right now or will happen within 7 months.

      I am not a medium or someone that can talk to the dead. Yes - I do know a good friend that can see spirits and does communicate with them but I do not possess those kind of qualities.

      I put Shyanne's name in the hub because I miss her. It was actually a former Sheltie I owned for just seven years until she passed on from heart problems, long ago.

      The twist I placed at the end of my hub will have no effect on you. I have made sure of that.

      Take care.

    • Lucky Cats profile image


      7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Mr. Ianleverette47...I have voted this UP Awesome and there should be a CONFUSING...Now, you had me ready to send you ALL the items you mentioned so that I could hear your sage words...and, tell me...because I want to know...honestly; DID this happen? The last "twist" aside; you really got me when you saw Shyanne...and the emotions that stirred. You are either an incredibly talented teller of tales or...this DID, as you suggest throughout...that it sounds crazy and impossible..and I have to admit that it does..but, of course, there is that side of me (and all of us, I'm willing to bet) which wishes it to be true.

      So, shall I send those things...or not?

      I think I should say..."shame on you!" (kidding)


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