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The Death Of Bubblews

Updated on January 1, 2015

While many people were hearing the blasts of fireworks and gunshots ring in the new year, others were hearing the death knell of Bubblews, as the site finally ventured into the "scam" territory it had struggled to vindicate itself against since the site's inception.

On New Year's Eve 2014, Bubblews sent out a redemption update, which stated that no redemptions made before the date of November 11, 2014 would be paid out, regardless of who made the redemption, or whether or not the user violated any rules. It was across the board, and shocking for many loyal bubblers, many of whom had stuck with the site through thick and thin for months.

Bubblews CEO Arvind Dixit indicated that a major reason the company found itself in dire straits financially was because of scammers and fraudulent use of the site. While this may be the case, it is unfair for ALL users to be punished because of the unethical cheating of some.

I have been a Bubblews member since September of 2013, and with the exception of one or two delayed payments, never had an issue with being compensated. The only aggravating circumstances I had ever dealt with on the site were the lack of communication from the leadership staff regarding changes as they were implemented, and some technical problems that plagued the site for weeks at a time. I had even defended Bubblews from people on the web who swore that the site was a fraud, since my experience had been so positive.

Well, for the most part, many of the technical issues that had previously hindered the Bubblews experience had been overcome. In addition, there were many improvements made to the overall design of the site and the amount of spam content that found its way through.

However, the lack of communication never got addressed and never saw improvement, and as much as Arvind and company wanted users to believe in their good intentions and understand the "learning curve" that they were experiencing, to this day lessons do not appear to have been learned regarding how to successfully conduct a business with integrity and transparency. As much as the people behind Bubblews wanted users to feel like they were part of a movement and burgeoning global community, it became loud and clear within the past couple of months that what we were really experiencing was a group of self-important entrepreneurs who didn't value site members from foreign countries, and ultimately, domestic ones either.

The downhill slide really gained speed during late 2014, as users from the Philippines and other foreign countries began learning that their redemptions would not be paid out. The situation was blamed upon large amounts of fraudulent activity emanating from those international regions.

While users in the United States were under the impression that they would be spared, it is now clear that they were in the cross hairs as well. With one sudden and sneaky blow, at the very end of last year, existing bank amounts that were waiting to be paid were either slashed drastically or disappeared altogether. Hundreds of dollars that people had been promised (each) were now simply not going to be paid out.

It is clear that Bubblews suffers from extremely poor leadership and money management. Whether it was a deliberate scam, or due to simple misallocation of funds, remains to be known. Regardless, in the end, large amounts of money that hundreds of users had legitimately earned would become nonexistent. The owners of the site have proven that they cannot be trusted, and do not seem to have a true desire to foster a successful social networking/writing experience, as their corporate addresses to users would have you believe. Stay away.

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