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The Death Squad: Chapter Three

Updated on March 10, 2011

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is Death Squad One's ariship.
The Grim Reaper is Death Squad One's ariship. | Source

The Death Squad Official Website

The Death Squad: Chapter Three

With the debris and rubble…rather quickly…removed from the temple, I was able to open the doors and take the team with me. “Guys, I need all of you to be quiet and whatever you do, try not to piss on me”, I asked of them jokingly.

Quietly, we worked our way down the hallway which leads out into the main temple room. Once all of us were inside the chamber, I pointed to the big hole in the wall and told them, “That’s where a Rhynex put me through the wall. Oh, and did I mention that the Rhynex was also a ghost. That was fun”.

“And, it didn’t kill you”, Mark asked.

“No, my shield is pretty resilient. Still, that was one heck of a slobber-knocker”, I replied before calling out to Lady Evra.

Right as rain, her she come barreling at us at full speed as she zipped around the room. I simply stood there waiting for her to land while Fyrebyrd, and I’m pretty sure several of the guys all screamed like…well, like I did the first time I met her.

Lady Evra began taking form as she flew straight up to Fyrebyrd and told her, “Hush child”.

Samsun, who barely fit in the temple as it were, simply grinned and said, “That’s a helluva thing”.

Once Lady Evra was in her solid form, she asked me, “Do all humans wet themselves…I mean, is that normal”?

“Yea…I’m starting to think so”, I joked. “How have you been”?

“I’ve been okay…I was spending time talking with Spalunka”, she told me, quickly followed by, “This is my temple, isn’t it”?

“Yes, ma’am”, I told her. “I asked Samsun to remove the debris that was sealing the place off”.

Lady Evra looked at the mighty giant and asked, “You’re from Helliose, are you not”?

“Yes, ma’am”, Samsun replied nervously.

She looked at me and told me flatly, “He’s more of an asset to your team than you may realize”.

“How so”, I asked her.

“The future cannot be revealed until it’s time is due”, she replied like some kind of broken oracle. “Speaking of revelations, it would seem that Yaltabaoth has stripped you of your Wyll Mystica”.

“Yea, he stripped me and your family down to the bare elementals”, I replied. “However, he did mention something about the Gryphun”.

Mark nudged me with his elbow like he felt I had said too much. Lady Evra caught his action and told him, “Your brother and I are staunch allies in protecting the human race. I won’t betray my family but I won’t rest until I know the humans are safe”.

I reaffirmed what she said by adding, “Lady Evra has been a great source of help to me and I trust her with my life”.

“As for your question, Blytz…the Gryphun are a very secretive society that evade even my knowledge. Only they will be of any help to you”, she replied.

“Maybe they’ll have another piece of the God Armor”, I suggested to her.

“I’m afraid the God Armor has also been stripped of its power”, she replied.

I hadn’t thought about it so I quickly tested her theory and discovered that what she said was true. The Leggings of Tyme and everything else no longer functioned. “Can I safely store the armor here with you”, I asked her as I began removing it.

“Of course, so long as my son doesn’t realize you’ve repaired the temple, we should be able to continue to use this place”, she answered.

“One more thing…do you know where the Frayshans and Capernians are hiding? I need to catch up with them”, I asked her.

“To keep Aramis from finding them, I won’t allow myself to know. However, Wave Crusher is right, seek out his people and you will find help there”, she replied before bursting into sparks and disappearing.

“Well, what did you guys think”, I asked as I turned around to face them. The only thing is, only Mark, Samsun and myself remained….everyone else had already ran out of the temple. “They really ran out of here”, I asked.

“That’s only because their feet would move”, Samsun joked. “I will say, it was a pleasure meeting Lady Evra”.

“Yea, she’s really nice until you make her mad. Making her mad brings out the scary, piss-your-pants, ghost side to her”, I said as I reflected on a few times I had ticked her off.

“We should probably find the others”, Samsun said with a chuckle.

“So, I guess we’re off to Aquatica in the morning”, Hyper said as we started to leave the temple.

“Blytz”, Lady Evra called out behind me.

I quickly spun around to face her when I saw Legion standing next to her. “If you can’t teleport, how did you get here”, I asked him defensively.

“I asked Lady Evra to bring me to you”, the solid black Crystallin replied. “Aramis and Zadok are banding together. In their rage over losing their powers, they’re planning on eliminating all humans by death starting with the humans that are in Invado and Darklo. A mass exodus has begun as the humans are fleeing to the north but they’ll never survive getting past the Tyracnids”, he said to us.

“We have to save them”, Samsun interjected.

“Yea, I know but, you guys haven’t had your first shot at being trained”, I replied.

“It’ll have to wait, Blytz”, Mark told me.

“I can stop the Tyracnids at the temple in the western part of Darklo but you and your people must hurry”, Lady Evra told me.

“And, why are you helping us, Legion? I thought you hated humans more than anything”, I asked him bitterly.

“Call me selfish but if they succeed in destroying the human race on Bethra, I have no doubt in my mind Yaltabaoth will destroy this planet and all Crystallins without prejudice”, he replied. “I consider keeping the humans alive as an act of self-preservation”.

“Now, that I can believe”, I replied sarcastically. “Do you still have the Elem Temples at Castle Legion”?

“Yes, why”, he asked me with that unmistakable chime in his voice.

“My guys really need somewhere to train and I wanted to ask you before now”, I told him.

“I’ll return to Castle Legion and prepare the temples for your teammates. Just bear in mind, my temples only cover the basic eight elements. Tyme, Poyson, Vaccyne and Conjure will have to be learned elsewhere”, he replied. “Lady Evra, will you return me, please and Blytz, good luck to you all”.

Lady Evra and Legion disappeared as we turned around and headed out of the temple to find the rest of the team talking among themselves outside.

Samsun breathed a heavy sigh of relief as we stepped back out into the open, prompting me to ask, “Are you okay”?

“Yea…I just don’t care much for tight places”, he replied as he stretched around some.

“I guess not”, Mark concurred with a grin.

“Well, if it isn’t my favorite bunch of brave souls”, I announced while poking fun at them for running out of the temple.

“Dude…that was just way too much”, Wave Crusher admitted.

“Well then, you should have stuck around for act two when she brought Legion into the mix”, I replied candidly.

“Legion, I thought he was your enemy, enemy”, Fyrebyrd asked as I walked past them.

Before answering her, I had to heckle her even more so. So, I asked her, “Is that Fyrebyrd of Fyre Chicken? And, to answer your question…Legion told me that the Aramis and Zadok Saxton are killing on a killing spree and all humans are the targets. We need to make tracks to Aquatica, now”. And, as a footnote, I added, “If any of you have any more doubts about a thing I’m telling you; voice them now so we can get a move on”? I waited a few minutes and then I asked them, “Good, let’s march…Samsun, bury the fire and close back up the temple. Vaccyne, grow grass over the where the pit was so no one knows we were here, and if possible, cover our tracks”.

“We need to head north northeast”, Wave Crusher told me.

“North Northeast…go it”, I replied. “Ultrasound, keep your ears on. Vyshun, keep a look out and Hyper, be ready to scout ahead”.

“In the dark”, Mark questioned me.

“Don’t start acting like Fyre Chicken over there”, I kidded him.

“It’s not that, Blytz. I don’t have night vision”, he replied sarcastically but honestly.

“Yea, I could see how that would be a problem…and, I left the damn glasses on the Grim Reaper….fiddle-sticks”, I exclaimed.

“Uh…glasses, Blytz”, Vyshun asked.

“Yea, what I’m wearing. I had sets of these things for all of you but I guess they got destroyed when Angelis was attacked. The glasses give perfect night vision as well as a host of other special optical abilities. Nothing on the scale of Vyshun but they are still very handy to have”, I told them.

“Maybe we can get some more when we catch up to the Capernians”, Hyper replied.

Fyrebyrd started walking beside me right before she elbowed me and said, “Call me Fyre Chicken one more time and I’m going to make Fried chicken out of you”!

“You would mention food, wouldn’t you”, I teased her. Maybe we would find something to eat by daybreak but I knew everyone had to be starving. Talking about eating…heck, I just hope we can find enough food to feed Samsun.

After a few hours of walking quietly, I could hear stomachs starting to growl all around me…either that or it was all me and I wouldn’t doubt it one bit. “Okay…we’ve got to find something to eat”, I told them.

“You humans are so fragile”, Crystal Wytch pointed out.

“Yea…and getting more frail by the second”, I replied. “Vyshun, scout the area for anything edible. Samsun and Fyrebyrd set us up a camp. Hyper…take my glasses, think light and you’ll be able to see clearly. No worries, just catch us something…I’ll do the dirty work”, I told him.

I was so used to having the glasses that when I took them off, I could hardly see anything. I lit a fire in my hand just to hear mark yelp. “Whoa there fire starter”!

“Sorry Mark…I was so used to wearing those things It’s taking me a minute to adjust”, I told him.

“Fyrebyrd started giggling and said, “Talk about the blind leading the blind”!

Everyone started laughing as I stood there thinking the whole time, ‘Just wait until I can see again’.

“Come on grandpa”, Crystal Wytch teased me as she grabbed my arm and led me to where they had built a new fire pit.

“If those glasses mess with you that bad, I ain’t so sure I want a pair”, Freezer Burn told me.

“They’re actually awesome to have”, I told him as my vision started to clear up. “Speaking of which, we need to get you guys into what I’m wearing; it’s Nanyte Armor”.

“I’m starting to feel run down”, Ultrasound told me and added, “I don’t think its hunger, either”.

“If it isn’t one thing, it’s another”, I grumbled. Okay…I need to figure out something”, I told them as I got up and stumbled away from the fire. I needed a moment to pray. ‘Yaltabaoth, we’re in huge trouble here. Everyone is running low and needs to eat and recharge and the ship is a gazillion miles away in a thousand pieces. I need your help or we might not make it to Aquatica and even if we do, I doubt they’ll have recharge chambers’.

‘I didn’t tell you to go to Aquatica…I told you to seek out the Gryphun King’, Yaltabaoth replied.

‘But, he’s like way far west of here…there’s no way we’d ever make it’, I replied.

‘Who said anything about your team going, Blytz? I told you to go’.

‘Will they be okay while I’m gone’, I asked him.

‘Show a little faith, Blytz. I’ll keep them safe but you need to do as I commanded’, he replied.

‘Okay, I’ll get my glasses back and head out at once, sir’, I told him as I walked back to the camp. I started to tap the side of the glasses to communicate with Hyper when I realized my folly.

“Is Vyshun and Hyper nearby, Ultrasound”, I asked him.

Ultrasound listened for a moment and told me, “Yea, they’re over by the tree line off towards the west”.

“Fyrebyrd, come with me”, I told her.

We headed out across the field with our hands lit up. “What’s up Blytz”, Fyrebyrd asked me.

“I’ll explain in a minute. I do have one order for you; though…look out for everyone. I know Vyshun is my second in command and you will respect that but I also know I can count on you”, I told her.

“I’ll do my best, sir”, she replied in a serious tone and I was glad she was taking my orders seriously.

We finally caught up with Vyshun and Hyper near the tree line. “Hyper, I need the glasses back. Vyshun, you’ve got the team. Lead them on to Aquatica and wait there for me. Ultrasound can reach me if you guys have any problems but I’ve been given my own orders to go to Gryphun Kingdom. Keep the team safe and together at all times, am I clear”?

“Yes, sir”, he replied as Mark handed me the glasses.

“Also, I asked Fyrebyrd to look out for you guys as far as tending to any medical needs and so forth. Hyper, follow his orders and make sure everyone else does the same. Go to Aquatica and wait. I’ll alert Ultrasound when I get to the beach so I can join you guys”, I told them. “I have to go now. Don’t push too hard but get there”, was the last thing I said before, put on the glasses, walked away and brought up my ice slide to make travelling faster.

I can only hope they’ll be okay but I knew I had to follow my own orders from Yaltabaoth. As I slide and careened my way around the woodlands, I kept on going while trying to clear my head until I started feeling really run down. Still, I knew I had to keep going. All night long, I traveled westward on my slide until I must have fallen asleep only to wake up bouncing around inside my shield and rolling right into a pond where I must have passed out from sheer exhaustion.

When I woke up, I found myself floating along inside the shield. My head felt like I had spent the day in a dryer. The inside temperature of the shield was extremely hot from the sun glaring down on me. I used a little Yce Mystica to cool myself back down some. Then, I used Agua Mystica to give myself something to drink after I righted myself inside the ball to sit with my legs crossed.

As I sat there drinking cool water, I looked around and realized I was smack dab in the middle of the small lake. I tried to stand up but the shield started rocking until it rolled right out from beneath me and I landed face first. After I fixed myself, a second time…I considered whether or not I could actually swim to shore but I was already worn out as it were. That’s when something, I’m not sure what, but something grabbed me, shield and all and threw me to land. Granted, I was glad to be on land again but that was the third time my face and the shield became closely acquainted. I dropped the shield and just enjoyed being able to spread out like, a starfish.

Eventually, I convinced myself that I needed to get to my feet when I realized where I was at. Nearby are the base ruins of Seeker Laboratory, the capital of Capernia. Maybe I could find something of use there, I hoped.

What looked to be a lot closer turned out to be a lot further away and by the time I reached the ruins, I realized that they’re thrusters had charred anything that wasn’t a part of the ship they used to escape with.

All of a sudden, the ground started mutating into Nanyte soldiers. “Commander Blytz, where is Professor Maker”, one of them demanded.

“Professor Maker and the others went to join the Frayshans”, I told them.

“Where are they now”, he asked me.

“I really don’t know guys. We split up about five miles east of Evra Temple”, I told them. “Hey, you guys can form anything, right? Think you could make me a Recharge Chamber…I really could use the help…and anything to eat would be awesome too”, I asked of them.

“We can help you but you must help us as well”, the soldier asked me.

“What can I do to help you guys”, I asked them.

“Help us find our way to Professor Maker”, he asked me.

“I can but just not this minute. I have to get to Gryphun Kingdom. But, have you guys heard of a place called, Aquatica”, I asked them.

“No”, he replied.

“Hmm”, I mused for a moment. “If you go northeast of here, into Fraysha, head for the Ocean. I’ll have my team wait for you there”, I told them. I clicked on my earpiece and called for Ultrasound who replied, “Yes, sir”?

“Tell Vyshun to keep you guys on the beach and wait for a group of Nanyte Warriors to join you before moving on to Aquatica. I’ll need you to keep an ear out for them”, I told him.

“What are Nanyte Warriors, sir”, he asked me.

“They’re Capernian Soldiers”, I replied.

“Yes, sir”, we’ll hold position.

“You’re already there”, I asked him.

“Yes, sir, Vyshun figured we would find fish to eat if nothing else”, Ultrasound informed me.

“Okay, you guys take it easy and wait on our friends, okay”, I told them.

“Sir”, the soldier interrupted, “We need to find Professor Maker now”.

“I can’t be in two places at once but at least you guys will be safe with my team. Just as soon as I do what Yaltabaoth has instructed me to do, I’ll join you guys because I really need to find Professor Maker, myself”, I told them honestly.

“We didn’t know, sir. We’ll form the chamber now while a few of us gathers you something to eat”, he told me.

I watched as they melted back to the ground only to come together a chamber with a solar-power collector on top while a few of them began looking around for any kind of food they could find. That’s when I remembered that I had a few Healers’ Leaves left. I took one out and munched on it only to discover it made me even more, hungry. Then, I climbed into the chamber and fell asleep.


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    • W. K. Hayes profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren Keith Hayes 

      7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thnak you LL for enjoying my favorite book series. Fact is, I'm almsot done with this book and will be publishing it within the month. Oh, and thank you again for what you did. That was so really cool of you.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      your a genius with a phoenix feel towards content. What? Do you think I would push the envelope that far? geez

      Hi love, enjoyed the hub, and love seeing your traffic grow from those that really mean what they say and carry such talent themselves

      keep writing [god that was such a lame thing to say but it was meant in a good way!]



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