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The Defense of Poesy

Updated on May 29, 2013

There are many reasons why literature is a good thing. Without it the world would be a much different place.

The first argument among all is that without literature the Bible wouldn’t have been written. That would be really bad, because than we wouldn’t have the word of truth and a moral standard. This means that, as anything else, God has invented it. This in itself explains why it is necessary for to have literature us and why is good, not just “not bad”.

Without literature humans wouldn’t be any more than animals. Literature is a way of recording everything that has been learned before, making humankind a superior species over the rest. With the development of science and the increase of material knowledge of humans, literature also developed and became more and more complicated and complex. Long ago it was defined as the simple sketches of the walls of caves, but now it is so complex that you could not be able to list all the forms of literature that has been invented so far. This is especially true for the number of works that has been written so far and at least one copy is available to us today.

Literature, especially poetry, is a way of entertaining oneself for humans. It often paints an exaggerated picture, or sometimes one that is totally different from what really would be happening in reality, or how our surroundings, in a broader way, would look. This is good for depressed people. Poets are masters of deceiving ones senses, and creating a believable piece of works that can thus grab the reader.

Literature, especially when you are writing it, improves your creativity. When you are reading an interesting piece of work, it has been scientifically proven that the brain works differently, with the activity level of the different parts of it changing. Hormones that produce happiness are also released when an interesting piece of literature is being read.

When a literature work is being read, the listener can easily become, or that’s how he or she feels, the main character, or one of the main character, because he or she can totally relate to what they, are going through. This way he or she can experience things and happenings that in reality he or she wouldn’t ever experience.

Literature is a good thing and it has always and will always exist. Basically, without it we wouldn’t exist.


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