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The Diaries of TINY part2

Updated on June 27, 2011
KIRa TINY"S mom | Source

The Diaries ofTINY2

Entry #2

Humans certainly expect their pets to be theirs. It is simply because they own them as they put it in their own words. Dragza, our not so cool neighbor who shares with us the garden as well as our owners just had a bunch of litters, one of which “looks BLACK like blacky” our owner screamed as he told his wife. Funny thing is after two minutes of screaming that to his wife while washing his hands after a long day of gardening, the whole bunch of children (four to be exact) where out in the garden looking at the so-called hole where Dragza our not so nice neighbor had delivered her children. Four sets of eyes stared at the empty hole waiting for a so-called blacky the kitten [blacky as my owners claim was one of the first cats they ever owned, but unfortunately that cat ended up missing after a bunch of stray dogs attacked him]. Disappointed, the kids just stared at the empty hole, and I simply stared back. Not anymore the tiniest kitten in the garden, I wondered endlessly whether my owners would still give me their full attention. With the birth of the new set of litters and having nothing else to do in an empty house with no electricity, the kids rejoiced wondering what colors the kitten’s fur will be. I really didn’t understand their fascination with the fur color. To me and the entire furred nation, it was simply an insurance against the cold that severely hit during winter. Still I didn’t get what they thought about a new set of litters. In plain commonsense it meant more mouths to feed, even if small, these mouths will grow into demanding ones. With Hisagi [Whom they called after an anime character who makes them swoon pfft], ash [who they allegedly call my father btw], Dragza, as well as mom [whom they call Kira] and now the new batch of litters it means that the food portions will be divided into smaller [emphasis on SMALLER] PORTIONS. And so I understand my owner’s comment when she said she didn’t like female cats, a comment which got me worried about my future especially being a female kitten i.e. future trouble with the whole pregnancy thing:S .

Regardless to how harsh and excruciating life can be, our owners understood the meaning of stray as well as pregnant, hungry, or small and fragile. Being the smallest [not anymore] I was regarded with sympathy. The wife of the household would call her youngest daughter and simply ask her to make for mom and I more milk. “Poor Tiny”, she’d say, “Sara make for her some milk and pour it in the tray”. One thing for sure, that milk was so diluted that it tasted like water, yet the gesture and the warmth of their looks as I drank were more than enough for me.

The girl seemed to eagerly wait for my growth. She once told her sister about twin kittens that they called Skinny and Chubby [on account when they were my age Skinny was SKINNY as in thin and Chubby literally fit her name]. Yet as they grew up, Skinny turned FAT [and drooled a lot they laughed it out] and Chubby turned out so thin and slim [the irony pfft]. Yet that drooling comment seemed to be a warm memory for the children. As they laughed it off each stated how much they missed skinny. [Apparently he seemed to be very cuddly and DIFFERENT]. Apparently different meant close to them as well. Yet I couldn’t help but shrug the comment about a cat drooling and I wondered to what extent a cat loved its owners that much to engage in such demeaning acts.

Still scared by them I decided to give them the chance, perhaps I could come to love them as my surrogate family since mom happens to be missing. Fingers crossed I would get some milk today for acting all “Kawaii” [or cute as they say in Japanese]. Fingers crossed I hope I found a place to belong and call home.


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    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lebanon

      the first cat is ash the second is KIRa btw :D and they are kawaii :D thanks for stopping by :D:D

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 

      7 years ago from Louisiana

      So Kawaii!! lol


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