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Chivs86 Poetry - The Dictator

Updated on November 27, 2013

Take1! - Take2!

...Made up
in a production studio.

Not the moon landing –
something else...
Part of a bigger plan
to control the world!

Where propagated...
are men covered in war paint.

Leaders of men
that are made to be -
considered as a threat!

...To our safety.
Our security!
Bad men we hear about
in our news stories...

Bad men!

because THEY told you so!

Bad are these people
that we don’t even know.

Bad like we’re led to believe...
Just another excuse for a war...

No more peace.

The fiction that victims
of a dictatorship
are in danger!

And here is the big IF -

IF we don’t help them
to bring...
down the regime
of these bad men
that we...

hear about
in the news
If we don’t help them.

Well then...
they might as well all be dead.

To believe this we’re led.

As we’re recruited;
to carry out
the blood shed.

by this pack of lies
force fed -
To believe...
that these people
aren’t decent human being’s
and THIS world might be
a better place without them.

Bad men!
But here is the
disgusting bit...
There is only one real
With The US President
UK Prime Minister
and they won’t stop
acting all sinister...

...Till we all are
a population
of slaves.

...People with numbers
instead of names.

How George Orwell
had our world portrayed.

A planet where nobody
is safe...
is safe...
except a small select delegate
of free masons...

In place
to carry out orders
for the dictator.

He is the real reason
we are at war.

That we are even involved;
in this unholy terror -

taking of souls -

in this abomination!

It’s all part of his plot


Writers Note: If anybody has been offended by any part of this content, for whatever reason - my apologies I'm simply passing on information that has inspired me to write this piece, as at least built on certain ideology's of my own perception.

Idea and Inspiration

My inspiration for a start was a video on YouTube about painted war criminal Muamer Qaddafi. A man painted in the media as a blood thirsty tyrant, and ruthless dictator. Which perhaps maybe he was I don't know, I am not from Libya.

Now in this video (I shall post a link) it says that Qaddafi had caused problems, but in general he was a good leader, and the real reason for the war in Libya was because the Global Elite didn’t like some of his ideas.

Such as ‘the gold dinar’ a new currency which he planned to introduce across Africa, with the intent of replacing the US Dollar in the trade of oil, gold etc.

So on the thesis that the world super powers would lose control of certain markets - apparently - the cause of the Libyan civil war was to make sure that this could never happen, with a motive to kill Qaddafi.

A man who as this video points out had made Libya a better place, and with this idea for the new currency wanted to continue doing so.

So basically back to this poem. It's not just about Qaddafi. It's about others also who in the news are being made out to be these horrible evil people' and basically if they're not stopped than their people are in danger. Or we are in danger (other countries) because they have W.M.D or whatever.

So this poem It's about us (the other countries) being dictated opposed to them in the sense that if it's true that these supposed dictators aren't as bad as the news says then we (the other countries) are the one's really being dictated.


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