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The Dirty Soul

Updated on October 28, 2009

I saw heaven from a distance
As I stood on a wretched hill
Through the smog and the sulfur
I caught a glimpse of it.
I took an eager step
But heaven moved away

I stood still for a lifetime
As I pondered what just happened
I looked back at my trail
So much pain and disillusion
So much agony and regret

I told myself it doesn’t matter
I told myself that trail had passed
But on my soul there clung
Clumps of agony and regret
Stains of pain and disillusion

I contemplated it for a lifetime
Yet nothing changed
The pieces clung
The stains remained
There was Heaven at a distance
Here was I with a dirty soul

I told myself it doesn’t matter
I took a step
And heaven moved away
I hesitated for a lifetime
I stared back at my trail
It remained it was the same

I stood resolved and took some steps
And Heaven moved away
I told myself...It doesn’t matter...
And took to stepping
Once again.


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