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The Distant Quest.

Updated on February 23, 2010

The Quest

I've embarked on a quest
past the shores of the Keys
to an ancient gray column
in the midst of blue seas
squatting on an atoll
made of teakwood and stone
one of few places left
where you're truly alone
so many square feet
in a vertical heap
inundated with lore
haunting mists round it creep
high above as its crown
sits a sparkling glass room
like the finger of God
beckoning souls from sure doom
it's a mystical chamber
on a gem capped rock tower
though its beacon's long vanished
I can still feel it's power
its lure urges me climb
winding stairs to its peak
to the views so inspiring
my heart cries out to speak
at its center where strong rays
once guided hopes home
I sit gathering bright thoughts
shedding light with each poem.....







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