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The Door to Nowhere: My Story (Part 5)

Updated on February 19, 2015

Promises has managed to put the fire out but is prone on the floor as he lies quietly trying to collect himself and assess his state of shock.

The door to Dr. Malefic's office swings open, a hand grips the door jamb and feels where Lies' head hit it, a head leans out into the hallway and looks upon Promises on the floor. This assailant calmly walks out of the office into the hallway approaching Promises from behind. Promises, still dazed and in shock does not yet have complete access of his senses but before he can know what is happening his attacker puts a cloth of ether over his mouth and knocks him out in seconds. Getting up the assailant turns to look back at the office door, it is Dr.Malefic.

Glancing up and down the hallway, quiet, save for the faint sound of the buzzer still going off at the station, Doctor Malefic grabs Promises by the arms and drags him into his office. He steps out of the office with a damp towel and does some cleaning up on the floor and the doorjamb where he slammed Lies head earlier. He looks around and then locking his door, he turns and runs down to the station where he shuts off the buzzer, and takes the phone off the hook. On his way back to his office he cleans up a little more of the hallway, looks over his clean up job and slips back into his office, quietly closing and then locking the office door.

Inside the office, Luke appears to be asleep on the couch, Promises is strewn over top of Lies who is out cold on the floor by the door. The doctor goes to his desk where there sits a vial of Nembutal Sodium, an open needle he used on Luke and a box of unopened needles. He opens a desk drawer and takes out his stethoscope which he then uses to check Lies and Promises for a heartbeat. Satisfied they are alive he returns to his desk then picks up the vial of Nembutal Sodium. He takes a sterile needle from the pack, tears off the paper and inserts it into the vial sucking out the necessary dosage needed to put a person out.

Holding the needle upright he snaps his finger against the needle a couple times and squeezes the plunger just enough to remove the air from the needle launching a short stream of liquid into the air. Then he injects one and repeats the procedure on the other with the Nembutal Sodium.

He slowly walks back to his desk, sits in his chair and moans a sigh of relief. Swiveling the chair away from looking upon the three bodies lying in his office, leaning back he stares at the ceiling for a moment, thinking, pondering what to do next.

He pulls his chair up to the desk and takes his cell phone out of his shirt pocket. A number is speed dialed and the call is answered with silence. Doctor Malefic waits a second then speaks, "It's me, I need to see you immediately, at my office, use my private entrance, don't take long." Another couple seconds of silence seems like hours to the doctor, the person on the other end, ends the call without saying a word.

Sitting in his chair Dr. Malefic surveys the lay of the land in his office. From his seat at the desk he sees three bodies strewn around the room and for a moment, staring at the wall now, his mind wanders from the task at hand as he ponders his next move, the consequences of his actions and how he can manipulate this situation to achieve his goals, goals which he alone knows, and we, including me the story teller, must figure out as the story unfolds for I know nothing of what will transpire until the words are written on the page to be read by you.

He gets up and tends to Lies' concussion and Promises' burns which are superficial, caused by 90% alcohol the Dr. poured under the door and lit while spraying some oxygen through a tube under the door which made the flames flash up over his body but only singeing his hair and cloths. The injections will keep them both out for 3-4 hours.

I, your story teller, am wondering myself, why has the doctor acted in such an unusual manner? What does he have against these three people, go against his oath to do no harm? Is he really a doctor? What does he have to hide? Who is convergence? Who did he call? Just how does a psychiatric episode by an apparently schizophrenic patient named Luke in the Doctor's Psyche ward turn into this, what appears to be a doctor gone mad? And what the heck is the meaning of Luke's recurring dream? It gave ME nightmares!

So what do you think? (btw) In case you are wondering, Dr. Malefic is a little wiry guy, he looks very much like Dudley Moore (I'm thinking of getting him to play the part for the movie). No? What's that? He's dead? .....Oh....

Take a few minutes to sort this all out while I go to the bathroom, I think better on my throne while I read the newspaper and have a smoke. It relaxes me, and then if you want, join me there. You can sit on the edge of the tub and we'll talk about this.


Not... I'll be back in a few.

Whew, I really need to get a new air freshener. OK, I hear it, do you hear it?

Someone's at the private entrance to Dr. Malefic's office pressing the intercom button. Doc answers "Yes".

A woman's voice replies, "It's mi" and he buzzes her in. The bookcase in the back corner of the doctor's office opens like a door and in walks a tall, for lack of a better word, massive, black woman. She had on a long raincoat that could have been covering two sub machine guns and a bazooka. Walking from the back of the office, behind the couch, she takes off the raincoat and tosses it on the couch not seeing Luke whose head it covered, and then it was obvious she was a woman, a woman in a man's scantily clad body. From the neck up she was a dream. From the shoulders down, well let's just say Arnold, eat your heart out. From behind the couch she glares at the Doctor, and standing in the middle of the room, his gaze meets hers. He guides her stare with his eyes toward the two bodies lying on the floor as he shrugs his shoulders as if to say, "now what?" She moans his name, "Faetur." Turning to look at him again she exclaims In a Jamaican accent, "Yuh called mi fah wuk! nah fah ramp? Yuh evil, evil mon!"

"I know, I know but we can play after, right now I need your help. I really need your help.

"Fi mi help, mon? Wah yuh need mi fah? Suh mi can get caught disposing of two ded bodies? Dis ah fi yuh psyche ward? yuh ah de mon, yuh own it aal, yuh a inna control of everything dat goes pon here, yuh ave secret rooms an secret passages, ah secret mortuary probably secrets mi don't know. Monn! Wat de hell kine of help du yuh need fram mi?

"Yotekicha, they're not dead"

"Wat? Dem de two dudes pon de floor arent ded mon?"

"There are three."


"Under your coat."

Yotekicha grabs her coat by the collar and as she slowly pulls it off the couch revealing Luke's head and body she screams, "Him? Ohhh nuh, mon, nah him, hes ded? Him! Him cyaant be ded"

"Yote, relax, he's not dead."

"Him's not?" She stares at Luke, "Him looks ded" then she looks at the two on the floor, "Suh du dey, yuh sure dey nah ded mon?"

"Yes, I'm sure; I gave them all a shot. They'll be out for a couple more hours."

Looking again at the bodies, then at Foteur "Out! Deyll be out? Honey, yuh can count mi out fah ah couple mo hours too, see ya." and Yote starts to put on her coat and heads for the back door.

"Please, please don't leave Yote, I need your help. They're not dead, I wouldn't do that to you again. I'm sorry."

"Sorry! Sorry! Yuh a sorry? Ok, ok mista big shot, yuh want to apologize? gimmi ah real apology." Moving in Faetur's direction as he backs up against the wall, she says, "tell mi mon exactly wat yuh a sorry fah!" She grabs him by the collar and lifts him off the floor. She's face to face with him when she says, "guh ahead, cmon, a-pol-o-gize mon, fah wat yuh did ta mi."

Faetur stutters, "I, I, I'm sorry f, f, for not making sure that guy was dead before you, you went to p p put him back in his house for me."


"And forgetting to tell you he was married and his w wife might be home" She jacks him up on the wall. "but, but, but he said she was away for the weekend so h h how could I know she had c c car problems and came home?"

"was dat before yuh didn't kill him or afta him wasn't ded?"

choking now he squeaks out, "BEFORE!"

She slams him several times against the wall and throws him to the floor behind his desk.

As he gets up rubbing the back of his head like he just woke up out of bed he blinks, looks at Yote, smiles and says, "I said we can play later."

Yote looking satisfied condemns Dr. Malefic, "Yuh ah bad, bad, sneaky, evil white mon, Foteur" She sits in his office chair, swivels and looks at the bodies again, shakes her head, then looks at Faetur and says, "Ok, i'll help yuh but yuh affi tell mi, ou did dis happen? Wat ah goin pon here!"

Faetur says, "How did this happen? and what is going on here? OK, if you have to know, I'll tell you what you need to know to help me."


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 21 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      I knew it, I knew the movie angle would get someone to read it! Oh you'll know, as long as I can figure a way to still keep Tsadjatko's identity a secret.

      Danny Devito? Hmmm, I'll pass that along to casting, I'm not involved in casting cause they still don't know who I really am. Good idea, at least I can reference you as a real person.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 21 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Ok ok I read it...damn you Tsad?..the final episode was the best of the whole series and leaved it all hanging on a thread and the readers wanting could get Danny Devito to play the doctor I guess, he's short but not weedy. Let us know when the movie is released.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 21 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Saint Besarian you'll just have to wait for the movie.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 21 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      From this day forward, we shall call you, Saint Besarian. :)

    • Besarien profile image

      Besarien 21 months ago

      How about Martin Freeman? (Played Bilbo in the Hobbit and Watson in Sherlock.) He kind of reminds me of a young Dudley Moore. No idea how tall he is. This sort of reminds me of The Prisoner or what The Prisoner would read like. I hope there is more eventually. You write it- I'll read it!

    • profile image

      Nitsuj 2 years ago

      You guys are weird.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      tsad, my dear sweet man....I confess I have been told I am from another planet by numerous astute individuals, but never quite as politely as you have presented. Thank you. I've never been able to understand why aliens like myself are not appreciated more often. This, of course, would be their loss.

      Your stories are delightful, as well as somewhat telling. Despite this, I have chosen to remain your good friend because I am courageous.

      I do appear to be the Lone Ranger in your comment section, but please take comfort in knowing that 99% of the crowd is far more compassionate than I. Thus, they remain silent.

      I, on the other hand, remember the quote repeated to me by a special person: "The only thing for evil to exist, is for good men to do nothing." Original statement by Edmund Burke? Please know that in your case, no evil exists, so that word word must be replaced with "Confusion." And you Sir tsad, are a Master at that!.....

      Have a happy & healthy week-end! My prayers for Mrs. tsad. God help her.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      I have to say this about Paula, she is the only person I've ever met who can disagree with you, even insult you? ('s been quite considerate of you) and leave you feeling good, I mean really good about yourself...uncanny. Is this a Venus/Mars phenomenon? I think not, she's from another planet altogether, planet compassion, it's out there, "we" just haven't discovered it yet.

      (I didn't mean I'm actually insulted, nor what you said was insulting, to the contrary very, very, entertaining hyperbole and I commend you for persevering through all 5 chapters, you seem to be the only one who made it :-)

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Unique....first story I've ever read with an"intermission." Intriguing.....A most challenging experience, mysterious characters woven into the fabric, for no apparent reason.....Spine-chilling......In fact, I believe my spine is frozen.

      To think you have been hiding this marvelous story-telling talent all this time, is actually quite, well, it's a do I say this?'s been quite considerate of you.

      I have been successfully rendered speechless. Congratulations.