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The Dots of Life- Inspirational Short Story

Updated on December 9, 2012

A college community invited a motivational speaker to give a speech in a national conference. The topic of conference was about life problems, most of the participants were talking about worst experience and failures of life they had issues to speak about national crisis, middle class lifestyle, failure etc.

The speaker realized that the conference needs a boost, so he started his presentation with a large plain white paper and draw a dark dot in center using marker, and then he raised the paper up to show and ask what you all can see?

One participant answered quickly, “It’s a BLACK Dot”

“Okay, can you see anything else?”

All looked and mutually replied in loud voice finally “it’s a BLACK dot only”

He asked again “can’t you see anything beside?”

All joined together and respond “Nothing else”

“What about this paper?” the speaker asked again. “Okay so you all can see this paper but you all chose to overlook”

“The same is happening with our life today we overlook all the beautiful things and gifts of life around and waste our most of the power and time on small things in life, one failure and you blame yourself whole life for that small dot on the large paper of your life instead you have the whole paper to fill with new wonderful colors”


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