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The Downside of Hair.

Updated on May 13, 2022
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Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

a good example of hair gone wild  on a not yet: ghost of things to come
a good example of hair gone wild on a not yet: ghost of things to come

The Downside Of Hair

As one gets older 
hair vanishes 
from the head
as if in retreat
from the endless battles
Hair-itorial rights
as each and every strand 
makes a final stand
and takes a somewhat 
rapid exit from the 
scalp only to reappear 
in large abundance 
in one's nose and ears.

I, being an old hippie
have discovered that:
The longer one 
keeps their hair
the longer they 
get to keep it
I will mostr 
likely be buried
with a large 
head of hair.

Most folks at seventy
are not feeling 
all that plucky anyway 
so they begin to 
resemble a balding,
unnourished Chia Pet.

But Eyebrows get 
incredibly bushy
like two dead squirrels
running across a forehead.

Moles suddenly sprout
single thick hairs
like antennae,
on each wizened 
alien of youth.

All this Hairless flesh
settles not so neatly 
into a wheelchair
as time folds flesh
into accordion wrinkles
playing a dirge 
for youth lost.
They say after death
hair grows on when in
actuality it is just
the body shrinking.

One can just imagine 
all those tufts of hair
still extended from 
twin nasal holes  
and ear cavities 
on a skull,
plus the huge 
that mark where the
no longer worried 
brow once was.

Beards and mustaches 
hang on as long as 
flesh prevails before 
decomposing Van Dykes
and ZZ Top style lengths
turn into what 
must resemble 
what one would find 
on a barber's floor 
fallen between the ribs
of the deceased.

I will not discuss 
the nether regions 
of body hair after death
that would be impolite
of me for sure.

Bobby pins and ribbons 
toupees and weaves will 
all tumble from their
finely groomed places.
Wigs most likely will 
remain fixed where 
they were left.
hair plugs will be
unplugged forever
when life is drained

All that is our 
crowning glory
sadly abdicates  
the thrones of our 
skulls eventually.

Most of us come into 
the world as bald 
as a cue ball
but many more are blessed 
with a full head of hair
perhaps it is Hair-editary
but after the age 
of sixty or so
most hair tarries not.

We can hide hair loss
with any number of hats
that we can afford 
because we no longer 
need our hair cut.
it is just a 
fact of life
and a samll 
financial blessing
We save money on 
conditioners, shampoos,
brushes, combs and curlers.

Although we have to buy
nose and ear trimmers
to prune our orifices.

There are so many facts 
about hair loss 
that would outnumber
the hairs on one's head
but I choose to snip
this rather morbid but
humoress article from my
way overthinking head.

Vanity does not follow us
past our departures
we all become exactly the same
no matter how attractive
or homely we were in life.
Perhaps there is a lesson 
to be learned from that

I was always hairy 
and boney but someday 
I will only be boney.

Hair today, Bald tomorrow
anmd forever more.


© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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