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The Dreamers’ café…!!!

Updated on June 14, 2016

Indeed it’s a dreamer’s café…!!! Multinational and multicultural people from all around the earth come at this place in search of peace. Do they find peace? Yes they do. I met an old man from an island near Australia. He must be in his fifties. He had a strange ambition, i.e. to achieve salvation. He took knowingly or unknowingly the path of Buddha. He left home, collected his savings and came straight to the place called Auroville in Pondicherry. Living in rugged clothes and speaking in non English accent. The old man used to speak fast and in broken sentences but that doesn’t matter a lot. He was friendly as he could talk to any stranger his life’s philosophy and his past history back spent at his home. Did he found peace? From an angle, yes cause, he can now justify his actions and achievements. But does his justification and achievements worthy? Who cares..!!! I don’t care and likewise the people to whom, he was speaking his life was indifferent like me…!!! Did he found peace?? Yes, up till people answered – “yes!! You are on the right track”. The moment people replied him in negative and gave him an alternative perspective, boom boom, the old peaceful man’s face turns red, eyes widens and anger burst through his mind and ultimately through his mouth in indeliberate broken speech. Is he in peace? He might need a long way..!!! Yet, who cares…!! Not, me at least. Of course, He gave me a moment to think about his inner position. The dreamers’ café stood there feeling proud that people from around the globe dream to come here and to fulfill their dream he will always brag about old man who came from far distant place, selling his property, leaving his family.

It’s not just that this place has old people to brag about. He can always brag about a young and handsome Yuri who flew all the way from Slovakia. Slovakia is a way better than this Pondicherry in its natural beauty but this young chap was dissatisfied with the countries’ political condition. Who knows who gave him the address of this Auroville, to take a witness of a totally different political condition? Anyway, congratulation to him that he took such a big pain to reach here. Wait a minute..!!! Didn’t I say someone gave him the address…!!! Oh yes, he came for some volunteer programme ..!! I hope he must have completed his programme and submitting his views on alternative political system to his family and friends.

There in a corner of the Dreamers’ café two persons enjoying their vacation and gulping Bummadevi Coffee. This, Bummadevi Coffee, used to be prepared in Auroville’s own style and specialty. I forgot to mention, just in case, if you feel yourself disconnected from the world, then they will provide you free Wi-Fi. What rubbish…!!! People from all around visit this dreamers’ café to know the place and the world. Instead, What do the people do?? They turn their Wi-fi on..!! Oh..!! This two people had not dreamt to drink coffee here, yet they are here…!!! They knew the world better, at least, in their respective minds. They turned off the Wi-fi after using it for 5 or 10 minutes. They were enjoying the place, as if they are in heaven. There were no burdens of the worldly problems to think about or in other words worry-free cheerful minds. Spending most of the time there, observing new comers, greeting to some of them, chatting for hours, enjoying the play “Merchant and Venice”, clicking pictures..!! fffuu so much activities….!!! Were they mad?? Who knows?? What made me astonish is that they were at times repeat the words “Mirror Characters”. Who know, what does it mean, but it does sounds fancy..!! Indeed a Dreamer’s Café…!!!!

-to be continued


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