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The Driving Force Behind Writing

Updated on January 4, 2010

Why do you write?

Here I am. Writing all sorts of hubs.  But when it come to writing there are two things I'm most passionate about: Poetry and my (future) Novels.

But what drives me to write despite my pure love for writing itself? Yes, I can sqeeze out a poem or two from just the top of my head. Heck, I could probably make them pretty good. I mean I can add a little spice here and a little rhyme scheme there and everyone would probably love the poem. Heck, everyone might love whatever I wrote. But the truth is, in the end, that poem would mean nothing to me. Yeah, it might get me popularity. Yeah, I might have some sort of feeling of accomplishment. But in the end, it wouldn't sentimentally amount to anything. I wouldn't care about it compared to a poem I wrote with all my being. It's one thing to write a poem for the sole purpose of writing a poem, but it's another thing to write a poem because you HAVE to write it. Have you ever felt that feeling? Like a build up of overflowing emotions? Emotions so thick and powerful that they seem to hinder your every move? A nagging feeling in your spirit that says there is something that needs to be said, to be written? A feeling that desires something GREAT to be completed. I'm talking about INSPIRATION. I'm talking about when you get INSPIRED to write. Like when you see, hear or even read something that jumps out at you and tugs on your heart strings. Something that reworks and RE-INTENSIFIES your SOUL until you can't hold it in. You give into it's lulling melody and you pick up a pen, and you WRITE! You WRITE till you can no longer hold a pen. You WRITE till nothing is left to be said. You WRITE till your hands go numb. You WRITE in order to resume normal body and emotional function.You WRITE till your hearts content - till you can't write anymore. (Or in this case type) Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Does anyone feel something before they start to write something. Does anyone feel the intoxicating feeling of inspiration creeping throught their body like a pulverizing freight train? Does anyone hear that soft yet powerful little voice in your spirit telling you to WRITE IT DOWN? Does anyone feel like they've entered a trance like state and the only thing you know how to do in it, is WRITE!? Are you writing for just "writing's" sake or because you HAVE to in order to stay SANE. This is what It means to be inspired.

This is what I LONG for. Another inspiritarion. Another love story perhaps. Another comedic situation.  Maybe another embarrassing mix up. Another attractive person who STOPS your heart when you lock eyes with each other. Even Another heartbreak. Just another event. Just another emotionally triggering moment in life that does nothing but CHANGE you. I don't ask or want the bad things to happen. But I'll ALWAYS welcome inspiration. I'll ALWAYS welcome the chance to empty my soul from the ink at the bottom of my pen. Because once I can make some good out of something, once I can better my self from a situation, even the bad, then it's that much easier to deal with. It's THAT much easier to get over. To Step Over. To Move On.  Yeah, That heartbreak hurts, but what If the poem you wrote from it touched someone's life, maybe even saved it?  What if that embarrassing moment you had, made you millions in a book you'll write. The possibilities are endless, when you're INSPIRED to write. When you HAVE to Write. When you NEED to Write.

So let me ask you again: Do any of you feel inspired? Or do you at least long to be inspired after reading this? I know I do. What Drives Your Writing? Mine is INSPIRATION.


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      Pachuca213 7 years ago

      That was great. It is so true. There are alot of hubs on here about "puff pieces" and in all honesty (not to knock another fellow hubber) it cannot compete with the heartfelt poems written with such pure passion. I know every poem I post on here has to be one that I wrote from my very core. One that spoke to me in an instant sparking that inspiration where I had to put pen to paper and let the words just flow. Anything other than that, such as forcing a poem from thin air just doesn't compare. I really liked this! Good job explaining that drive that pushes us to express ourselves...through the written word