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The Echo In Our Head

Updated on July 3, 2014

Do You Hear It ?

It does not stop

It is loud then it is soft

Are they words from a distant world ?

Chanting each syllable to make a new sound

Is it music played from an earlier time ?

That gives us peace of mind

No matter where I go

It follows me like my shadow

I think it is gone

Then it is not long

Before it appears so clear

Then as I try to decide what to do

It has changed direction once again

Now it has disappeared

I am alone at last

All the things that cause me to worry

Have left me

Crazy at it seems

There is nothing I can't do

Then I look on the wall

I am not alone

I am followed once again

So instead of trying to leave my dark side

I decided to welcome him home

Now we go together as one

Twice as strong

Stepping out in our new world

Where I can see in front and behind me at the same time

Thanks to my new companion and partner for life

We work together instead of fight


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