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The Elite by Kiera Cass book review

Updated on May 28, 2014

Underlying Struggle

Two completely different guys. On the one hand you have a strong minded, extremely hardworking, handsome guy who would go to the moon and back for you. On the other you have this caring, passionate, good hearted man who can actually give you the world with a simple command...who do you chose?


This is the dilemma America Singer faced in The Selection and continues to face in The Elite. The only problem is that America is competing with several other girls for prince Maxon's heart while at the same time trying to sort out her feelings for Aspen Ledger. She thought she completely ended that chapter in her life with Aspen but several events make her question Maxon's feelings. Along with evolving love story, the friendships and the backstabbing intensify. Since there are less you get to see America develop stronger bonds and you also get to see everyone's true colors come out. You see loyalty, suffering and devotion as main themes through the relationships and friendships. America strengthens her friendship with Marlee because she finally found someone who she can confide her feelings toward Maxon. Her loyalty does get tested which then brings up several internal conflicts for America.

Internal Conflicts

America struggles with self identity in this book. She struggles with the idea of becoming the future princess and queen because she has started to question her judgement. Unfortunately it was something she never questioned before, she knew who she was and always accepted that. Now she has seen the consequences for her faults and does not want to carry the cross that a ruler has to. She does find allies that give her hope and a positive outlook on her future.

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This is a great book for teens through adults. It helps brings different perspective with self identity without even realizing it.


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