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The Emergency Room - A Fun Nonsense Rhyme

Updated on December 21, 2014

This is a fun nonsense rhyme I wrote as I was sitting in 'Emergency' with my daughter and waiting to see a doctor. Fortunately, all turned out well - in the end. This little poem is the result of my trying to pass the time while waiting there and watching people come and go. It is 'slightly exaggerated' with a wee bit of poetic licence.

The Emergency Room

Sitting in the hospital

Waiting in a queue

Watching people come and go

Looks kind of like a zoo

The nurse comes out and calls my name

And takes me to triage

She makes some notes and sends me back

To the queue, which now is large

So I sit and watch the TV news

My pain is growing worse

If I don't get some help real soon

I'll have to call the nurse

An hour's gone by, and they've given me drugs

To try to ease the pain

But the seats are hard and the room is full

And my strength is starting to wane

Finally... they call my name

My turn to see the doc

But as I stand, the room spins round

and I go into shock

The next thing I know, when I come to

I'm lying in a bed

I pinch myself to check I'm alive

Or if I've woken up dead

The nurse comes by and gives me a jab

Of something - I know not what

'It'll make you better and fix you up -

whatever it is you've got'


I close my eyes and drift off to sleep

For a whole ten minutes or so

Then the cleaners come round and wake me up

'cause it's a hospital - don't you know!

Marion Drury (c) 2012. All rights reserved.


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