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The Emperor and the Nightingale

Updated on August 15, 2011
She was the nightingale trapped in her lonesome golden cage Wings broken, tail burning, and a heart combusting with rage
She was the nightingale trapped in her lonesome golden cage Wings broken, tail burning, and a heart combusting with rage | Source

The Emperor and the Nightingale

She was the nightingale trapped in her lonesome golden cage

Wings broken, tail burning, and a heart combusting with rage

Claimed by an owner who seeks her eternal demise

To her reflection in the water she turned to despise

Staring at the free black sky she always prayed

Yet she remained in her prison shackled constrained

Her soul burned for freedom to touch the win, causing her destruction

Unknown to the spectators who admired her voice in fascination

And finally, silence replaced her appreciation for life

As the notes she sang portrayed intricate conflict and strife

The desire of the Tamashii (the soul):

In her past dreams she remembered praying to the sky

When no one was around, not the emperor or the guard

Shedding tears the shaky watched her broken daughter cry

As she decided to end her life by laying down death’s last card

Looking at the freely falling burning star she felt so small

Yet in her heartbreak warfare she knew the end, knew it all

That in her cage of death she was destined to break and fall

And yet the taste of freedom she was fixated to claim

And so up to the sky she knew she had to aim

Her soul cried for freedom like the soil that yearns for the rain

As every momentous of silence in her prison echoed with pain

Then the nightingale in her fragile state saw no beauty in life

And embraced her death as she watched the descending knife

Now, soaking in her flood of blood she flew freely

About a soul that was born to embrace freedom eternally

In her final hour of torment she finally awakes

Watching the flame of life as it crumbles and breaks

For through life she has wept and infinitely bled

Finally she lies in her death bed

An ornament between roses stained in red

~ The Emperor~

Broken, the emperor held the fragile bird within his tears

Petrified, he looked at her body and the bloody red smears

Aching from the loss he drowned in his guilt from within

And he cried for the first time for the loss of his only kin

For he had no one else to share his agony and his despair

He was left by the nightingale where once they were a pair

He too, the emperor had his freedom locked away

In the black dungeons where the sun is sealed away

Broken, he was, yet her burning will for freedom he could see

For he too wanted the staircase to heaven, aimed to break free

Yet, how couldn’t his only companion foresee?

That her misery was his, her imprisonment was his as well?

For the emperor and the nightingale were under the same spell

Now with the stolen yet treacherous death of his only muse

The imprisoned emperor wondered what weapon to use

For he soon will join his muse in freedom way beyond death

As the stake in his hands descends smothering his last breath

The wind crawls on the barren skin of the dead searching

On the emptiness of their broken burning souls feeding

Now staring wide-awake the moon opens its heavenly gate

As the dying star burns out and death claims life its mate


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Sounds like my week so far......But seriously very detailed in thought. You should check out for publishing outlets, they link you to your audience and publishers interested in your work. As all things that pertain to us lonely composer's, it will take time, though I don't know with all your work so far.

      Good luck on the steaks.

    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lebanon

      Thanks nIKKI :D:D

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 

      7 years ago from Louisiana

      and death shall set you free... beautiful and tragic story of misery.


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