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The Encumbrance of Thought

Updated on February 29, 2012

The Encumbrance of Thought

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

The lightness of being is encumbered with thought,

often weighted by the complexities of human endeavour.

Freedom can never be taken for granted; it has limits,

set by us and dictated by our beliefs and actions.

I long for the freedom of mind released,

the limits of mundane life eclipsed by thought,

unchained and not laden by bias or preconception.

This is my quest, to think myself from thought.

Clarity and precision of mind is my task,

creation the means by which I shall strip the husk of mind.

Relinquishing all subjective banter and peripheral noise,

I will find the core of every thought, the truth.

Without the periphery, life is silent and pure,

limitless and a fountain of possibility.

Life then becomes a quiet path of understanding,

each step imbued with tranquil consideration.

The confusion that has preyed on my life,

can then fall away, replaced with knowing,

enlivened with freedom and creativity.

I surrender to this truth completely.

We are so prone to uphold our narrow view of the world,

accept the confusion and captivity of belief.

When all that is real is within the grasp of freedom,

letting go of all you think you know, to simply be.

The bars of our containment are of our design,

Let them go.


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