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The End

Updated on December 9, 2015

Deep breath.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Just keep breathing.
But how do we breathe
when we can
barely keep our
heads above the water?
Water fills our lungs
and we mistake it
for love.
Our fingers try
endlessly to hold
onto slippery slopes.
We starve ourselves
with the intention
of cleansing our past
and yet
our broken strings
tangle up our
feet and we
stumble down beat-up paths
that lead to no good
where lies litter the sidewalk
and the sun is hiding
behind closed doors.
We nail ourselves shut
in coffins of solitude.
How did we even get here?
Why did we see the end,
turn around,
and go back?
Why do we put off
the inevitable end?
For one more kiss?
One more touch?
One more promise of forever?
The end is coming.
And no amount of words
are going to fix your
fucked up soul.
And no amount of comfort
can tame the storm within you.
The water in your lungs
turn to tsunamis
and earthquakes
tremble within your hands.
Tell me darling,
is this the end you wanted?
The end will bring you
a deep breath of the life
you’ve been missing.
Your broken strings will reattach
and the nails in the coffin
will be pried up.
But then again,
you’ve never taken
the easy way out,
now have you?


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