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The End of This Story

Updated on June 6, 2016

I am done

How much longer must I wait?

Even when I sit right in your face

Am I not good enough for you?

Am I too easy for you?

Or does something about me

Scare you

Is it the fire from within

The sheer power of myself

That frightens you off

Does it make you feel like less of a man

That you feel not good enough?

That you could not be "man" enough

I have said it once

I will say it again

My love cannot be bought

One day when I look at my life

My future love

I see my friend

My lover

My partner

My equal

There is nothing I would fear from you

Judge you

I would choose to be with you

But maybe you wouldn't make that same choice

I am ending this now

I cannot go on anymore!

My soul cannot take anymore confusion

With your longing glances

Empty words that you would give me


Everything that I wanted from you

Is it lies?

Something to keep me hooked in

While you roam the streets at night

With other girls

Hanging from you and worshiping you

Like you were some god

Or is it I wonder

Because I do not do the same

That you need your ego fluffed

I have to stop wondering about you

I have to stop overthinking everything you say to me





This insanity cannot go on any longer

Have fun with your drinks

Your self wallowing

And empty girls that cannot fulfill you

The false soul mates you think you meet

I am continuing on

Hopefully to greener pastures

And one day to the love

I have always dreamed about


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