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The End of a beginning.

Updated on December 26, 2010

The End Of A Beginning

I feel that, it is hard to pretend,

that our love never mattered in the end,

I know you are happy and I can be too,

I have a new love, although he is not you,

He makes me laugh, and he has made my weep,

He does things you never did, like cuddle while i sleep,

He tells me Im pretty, and he tells the truth,

Sometimes somethings he does , they remind me of you,

I dont know if it is wrong to think of you now and again,

but you knew me so well, you were my bestfriend,

And now your scent that lingered my clothes is gone,

Your friendly face has left, I do try to be strong,

Sometimes i do feel I have nothing left,

Like our memories were stolen, pure theft

Those things I miss, the things that moved me within,

I sometimes wake and hope it was all a bad dream

That i will turn to you laying there to wish me good morning,

That I can again confide in you laugh with you dance with you

Its not right yet its not fair not to know what to do.

All that lives must die

And all that loves must go

Darkness will always take a blue sky

And heaven will take souls

These are certaintaties , Beginnings of Endings And Endings Of Beginings

I guess What i need to learn is... Our ending has begun, my my begining Has not ended


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    • Angel_In_Disguise profile image

      Angel_In_Disguise 6 years ago

      thank you all very much, and jagged frost thank you for your suggestion

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      It would help if lines such as line 8 of your second stanza had the punctuation to help us breath where you breath and thus appreciate the bouquet of this beautiful arrangement more fully.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Very nice Angel! Keep writing from the heart!

    • richtwf profile image

      richtwf 7 years ago

      You've expressed many thoughts here that many others can easily relate to. Not easy is the time following separation and having to move on in life without someone who once held a special place in our hearts.

      Cheers for sharing and God bless.

    • arthurchappell profile image

      arthurchappell 7 years ago from Manchester, England

      you capture the sense of sorrow over splitting up with someone close tou you very well