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The Enemy Within

Updated on November 3, 2009

The Enemy Within

Failure...we consider it our enemy.  Nobody wants to fail.  What we all want is success.  It's what we need in our life.  Every waking moment we think of what to do next to better our craft and our life and when we fail we'll slumped and we'll start to berate ourselves and ask the obvious question "what have I done wrong?". 

Have you ever thought of failure as an ally? instead of being an enemy? Has it ever crossed your mind that you fail because you've done something right? instead of something wrong? Or maybe  that you didn't give your best?

Well, I have asked myself all those questions and I've berated myself so many times...over and over and over again.  But when I was doing all these and more perhaps, have I found the answers I so long to find?  No, I didn't.  Instead, I found something else, "ME".  Yes, I found myself.  I've been looking for the wrong answers and I've been looking in a different direction.

After the failure, I thought it was the end of the world for me.  I have so many questions that was left unanswered.  I thought I've done all the right thing.  But, why did I fail? I was tormented and torn apart by the experience.  But when my mind failed me, my heart didn't.  So, I tried to let my heart guide me this time I let it answer my questions.  My heart allied with my enemy.

Then, I realized that I've failed not because I wasn't good enough but because I wasn't ready.  I needed to fail to find my strength.  I had to fail in order to find the much greater success.  I needed to lose myself so I can find it.  I close my eyes and I let destiny guides me.  Destiny has its unique way of leading us where we should be.  My failure made me more resolved to succeed. 

No matter how many times we fail, always remember that success is where failure is.  Consider failure a humbling experience and when it happen, it's only because success is just around the corner.  


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      anne 6 years ago

      it helps me a lot in our oral recitation, to recite declamation pieces.