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The Enormous Crocodile

Updated on March 19, 2015

Once there was a crocodile he was huge; and there was a crocodile who was very small. One day the enormous crocodile said to the not so big one: "Guess what i'm going to have for lunch today?" "What?" asked the not so big crocodile. "It has two legs and two arms." said the big crocodile. "You don't really mean you're going to eat a child?" said the not so big one.

"Yes, I'm going to eat a child for lunch." said the enormous crocodile. "I only eat small things like fish," said the not so big crocodile. "I'm going out to town to eat a yummy, tender, squishy, little child," said the enormous crocodile. So off he went.

Then the enormous crocodile met a hippo that was called Hip. Hip said to the enormous crocodile: "How do you do?" "I'm feeling great." said the enormous crocodile. "Guess what I'm going to eat for my lunch today?" said the enormous crocodile. "I don't know," said Hip. "It’s got hair and it has five toes on each foot." said the enormous crocodile. "You don't really mean you’re gonna eat a child?" said Hip in a worried voice. "I have got nasty tricks and clever plans." said the enormous crocodile. After that he left.

Then he met Nub the elephant. Nub didn't notice the enormous crocodile so the enormous crocodile bit Nub's leg. "OUCH!" screamed Nub, "Who did that?" shouted Nub, "Oh, It was you, the enormous crocodile.” "Guess what I'm going to eat for my lunch today," said the enormous crocodile. "I don't know." answered Nub. "Its got hands and feet," replied the enormous crocodile. "You don't actually mean you're gonna eat a little child?" asked Nub. "Yup I have nasty tricks and clever plans." and he walked deeper into the forest.

Then he met the Roly Poly bird, and he was making a nest up in an orange tree. "Hello Roly Poly bird." said the enormous crocodile. "Hello, how do you do." replied the Roly Poly bird "Where are you going to? You don't normally come here." said the Roly Poly bird. "I’m going to eat a yummy child, if you listen hard enough you might hear their bones go crunch." said the enormous crocodile. "I have nasty plans and clever tricks." said the crocodile " I eat roly poly birds too!" and he jumped up and caught hold of the roly poly bird's feathers and the roly poly bird left them behind.

After that he met Sidney the monkey she was sitting up on her tree. "Hello crock," said Sidney in a joyful voice. "Guess what I'm going to eat for lunch today." said the enormous crocodile. "I don't know," said Sidney "It’s got fingers and toes." said the enormous crocodile. "You don't really mean you're going to eat a child?" Sidney said in a horrified reaction. "Yep! and I have nasty tricks and clever plans." and he walked away.

The enormous crocodile saw the village and went over to their beach. The children always collected coconuts off the trees that fall off them. So the enormous crocodile said to himself, "Trick number one." He started collecting coconuts and palm leaves and balanced himself on his tail, and then he looked just like a coconut tree. When the children came there was a boy and a girl. The boy was called Isaac, and the girl was called Anne. They look at that small tree, “we could climb that!" cried Isak. All of a sudden Hip came running at the enormous crocodile tree and shouted, "Don't go near that! it’s not a tree. it’s the enormous crocodile!" The children screamed and ran away. Hip knocked the enormous crocodile over, and there was a big BANG! CRASH! and they both toppled over. "I'm so hungry, i could eat three children.” and he walked off to the school village.

He saw a long log in the corner and he brought it in the middle of the playground, and he lay down on it. He was very straight so he looked almost exactly like a seesaw. After a couple of minutes, it was home time. Everybody rushed out to the playground, and they said, "Look at the new seesaw." One of the children asked, " I think its not too safe." The first children walked nearer and nearer then-- "Don't go near that its the enormous crocodile!" shouted Sidney. They all ran away. The crocodile was even more hungrier than ever he could eat five children now.

Then he went to the fair, and looked at the animal round about and he sat between the lion and the horse. When the fair opened there was a huge crowd of children lined up for the round about. One asked to go on the wooden crocodile which was not wooden. Then the roly poly bird called out don't sit on that one, he's the enormous crocodile!" Everybody even the manager of the fair ran away. The enormous crocodile could eat eight children now.

Then he went to the picnic meadow, and moved a wooden chair out of the way, and he became the chair. But first he picked some flowers to persuade the children to go to that table, and he put them in a vase and lay down very still. Soon some children came along one of them said, "Look at those flowers on that table." They were walking towards it and then-- Nub came bursting in shouting, "That's not a chair, that's the enormous crocodile.” and with that he grabbed the tail of the enormous crocodile, and swung him and swung him, until he became a blur. Then Nub let go and the enormous crocodile went flying. He went past planet, past stars and past the moon! until... CRASH! He crashed into the sun, and he sizzled like a sausage.


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