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Kids Stories, This Is A Children's Short Fantasy Story About The Envious Kings

Updated on April 4, 2012

A Children's Short Fantasy Story

You have just hit on the best kids story! If you like a children's short fantasy story, then you are in for a treat!

This is an imaginative story themed around an envious king and a fairy and is targeted at young children.

The Envious Kings is a children's short fantasy story and has been especially designed to captivate a young mind, whilst being brief enough to sustain concentration.

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The Envious Kings

In a land far, far away, that would take ordinary folk twelve days to ride to, from here, but will only take you and I, a moment when we go to sleep. For don't you know that magic happens only in the wonderful world of dreams

Two kingdoms were ruled over by two brothers. One was King Roly, and the other King Poly. These two kings were very fat, as were their subjects, for their lands were very rich. Corn and wheat grew by themselves, with never a man's hand to plant or tend them. Milk flowed in streams, and nobody knew where it came from, and at dinnertime lovely meals on gleaming golden plates walked onto the table, on little stumpy legs.

When a family need a new home, stones and mortar would gather themselves together, the stones would sit one upon the other with the mortar in between, until they had built themselves into a fine house.

In spite of the easy life that the two kings had, they were not happy, for each of them kept thinking that the other one had a bigger and better palace, or owned more horses, or had more jewels or even had creamier milk.

One bright summers day, when King Roly thought that he had seen King Poly riding a finer horse than his, he decided to go to war with his brother. So he ordered his generals to assemble his army outside the palace gates.

There the army stood, looking splendid with all the soldiers wearing their best armour, shining in the summer sun. All the different coloured flags streamed out in the gentle breeze, and the lances standing straight, pointing into the blue sky. But oh dear me! the soldiers had grown nearly as fat as their king. They stood in a long line, with all their tummies sticking out, and their chins wobbling.

King Poly, on hearing of his brother's plans, also ordered out his army, but his soldiers too, had become too fat. The cavalry could hardly mount their horses, and when they eventually did manage to get on, the poor beasts could hardly walk for the weight of the fat soldiers.

After a long long time, and much huffing and puffing, the two armies faced each other on a big field, which divided the two kingdoms. King Roly rode up and down, telling his army that they must conquer the cruel and greedy army of King Poly.

The soldiers of both armies looked at each other, and thought how nice it would be, just to sit down and eat the delicious food, that was preparing itself on the cool green field between them. They watched the two fat kings as they rode up and down, their medals sparkling in the sunshine. They watched the generals riding behind the kings, each one trying to out-do the other, "yes your majesty, no your majesty", and trying to appear clever and witty.

Then the good fairy that watches over all people, and tries to stop them from doing silly things, waved her magic wand. Tiny golden stars flew from the wand's tip, and spread out amongst the two armies.

Some of the stars landed on the spears, and as they touched, so the spears sprouted leave and became young trees. Some of the stars fell onto the longbows, and when they touched, the bows unsprang and buried themselves into the earth and grew into thorn bushes, and some of the stars on the sharp little arrows, they turned into stinging nettles.

The two armies watched as all their weapons of war, changed into growing things, and became an impenetrable forest dividing the two countries, so that neither side could cross over to the other.

King Roly could not ever again go to war with his brother King Poly, and King Poly, likewise could not fight King Roly. So all the men in the two armies could go back home, and happily grow fatter and fatter.

Now in that far-off land, where being fat was thought of to be beautiful, only King Roly and King Poly grew thin. For day after day, they walked up and down on each side of the mighty forest, wondering what the other was doing on the other side.

The more they walked, the more they worried, and the thinner they became. The thinner they became the faster they walked, which made them thinner still, until on day they grew so thin that they turned into bean-stalks. Their feet turned into roots, burrowing into the rich soil. And their necks grew taller and taller, until their heads reached above the trees of the forest, and they could see right across. And there they stand to this day, watching each other, never moving lest the other should move first.

And the people of the two kingdoms? Oh yes, they are still there, watched over by the good fairy. They are happy and contented. Sometimes, just now and then, they glance over at the beanstalks towering above the forest, and they smile in a knowing way to themselves, trusting that the good fairy, aways just out of sight is always near, keeping her magic for when it may be needed.

Have we a good fairy? Of course we have! For who do you think takes care of us in the magical land of dreams, and brings us back safe again, into the light of a bright new day?

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    • Annemari profile image

      Annemari 5 years ago from Tiny part of the World

      It was a smashing and funny story Shazwellyn.

      I raelly loved it.

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 5 years ago from Great Britain

      Hi peachpurple... the only way to get books published, as demonstrated by the books of Harry Potter, is by sleeping with the publisher! lol

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      You are very good at writing stories. How did you get all those imaginations? You should publish your stories into books. maybe you will be the next Harry Potter author! Voted up

    • profile image

      lappy loutra 6 years ago

      very boring

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 6 years ago from Great Britain

      PaperNotes - you are sooo right! I am now mindful of being happy and grateful for what I have. Thanks for that great reminder!

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 6 years ago

      Sometimes, even adults should read about children stories to refresh some values they learned in life. We are just like those two kings, never satisfied despite all that we are given.

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 6 years ago from Great Britain

      How lovely of you to say Neon. Thank you for your expression of gratitude :)

    • profile image

      Neon 6 years ago

      This story was so nice

    • lex123 profile image

      lex123 7 years ago

      Like your other informative articles, your children's stories are also very interesting.

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 7 years ago from Great Britain

      Thank you again Joshua. It is a bit more of a fairy tale than the Piddle series - glad you visited :)

    • Joshua Kell profile image

      Levi Joshua Kell 7 years ago from Arizona

      Great story, thanx for sharing it. My ten year old son really liked it.

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 8 years ago from Great Britain

      Denno... you are too generous with your comments! I have no chance of getting my work published... it is not what you know it is who you know. Publishers dont even read material, they just send the manuscript back in the sealed envelope that it came in. I am realistic and am happy to be content with making a difference in my own little way.

      As always, am happy to be your friend x

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 8 years ago from Great Britain

      Caggie.. thanks for reading x

    • profile image

      Denno66 8 years ago

      Have you ever thought about publishing Children's Stories for a living? You have an imaginative mind for sure! I loved this story. Your friend, the Sheep. :-)

    • Bovine Currency profile image

      Bovine Currency 8 years ago

      Cute :)

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 8 years ago from USA or America

      Very well written Hub. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 8 years ago from Great Britain

      Alexandriaruthk... Make a wish and it just might come true!

      Thanks for reading! x

    • alexandriaruthk profile image

      alexandriaruthk 8 years ago from US

      oh zhaswellyn, you are a good story teller, everybody needs a fairy, thank you,

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 8 years ago from Great Britain

      Oh babes! I am honoured! Feel free to give it a read to your niece. There is nothing more rewarding for me to know that someone is actually getting joy out of what I write. Thank you... you are very kind x

    • kirstenblog profile image

      kirstenblog 8 years ago from London UK

      Can I take you on my next camping trip with my niece? She would love this story while sitting round the camp fire and putting off bedtime! I may well have to nick this story and make it my own next time I am camping with my niece :)