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The Establishment

Updated on December 7, 2011

The Establishment

Will stifle creativity

Critique you biasedly

Bust your head

Stitch you back together

Pull your hair out

Sew you a toupee

Destroy and rebuild

Make you as tough as nails

Leave a bad taste in your mouth

Distract you into blindness

Medicate you into sight

Be a shoulder to cry on

Use your words against you

Steal your natural resources

Sell them back with taxes

Treat people like animals

Treat animals like people

Build a pedistal for heroes

Build gallows for idiots

Cause you great anxiety

Polarize your thoughts

Be your puppeteer

Tell you sweet lies

Tell you bitter truths

Be the bricks in your dungeon

The steel bars in your cell

The mirage in your desert

The siren in your ocean

Seranade your peril

No great revelation

The establishment will



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