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The Everafter War (Sisters Grimm #7), by Michael Buckley

Updated on November 2, 2016

Before Reading

I can't remember if I liked this book or not. I do remember that a lot of important things happen. I also remember that this is where we finally get that plothole that I warned you about in The Fairytale Detectives.

After Reading

I still don't know if I liked this book. Maybe writing this review will help me sort it out.

The Everafter War opens with the Three Bears sitting on the sofa at Granny Relda's house. And here is the plothole. Remember the ball in The Fairytale Detectives? When Charming is questioning Sabrina, who is disguised to look like Mama Bear? Well, it turns out that the Three Bears don't speak English. They speak bear. Therefore it should have been a pretty damn big giveaway that Sabrina was not Mama Bear at all when she was able to converse with Charming.

I guess there's the possibility that Daphne's ability to turn Sabrina into Mama Bear was better than we expected and that Sabrina was actually speaking bear and just didn't realize it, and that Charming also speaks bear. But since Daphne was able to understand Sabrina, and we have never seen any sign that Charming speaks any animal languages, I'm going to call this a plothole.

We get yet another tedious return of Ms. Smirt. Ms. Smirt finally finds out the true nature of Ferryport Landing, and then she fades from the storyline forever.

The reason she leaves the storyline, finally, is that after a brief setback, Goldilocks (who for some reason is called "Goldi" up until about page 14 (in the paperback edition) and then never again until nearly the end of the book) does manage to wake Henry up, and then in turn Henry wakes Veronica. However, things are not as rosy in her reunited family as Sabrina had hoped they would be. Henry hates Ferryport Landing and he wants to leave. Veronica wants to stay and help defeat the Scarlet Hand. We also find out why the Scarlet Hand took Henry and Veronica in the first place.

While all of this is going on, Charming, Canis, and Snow are building a fort that looks suspiciously like the one that Sabrina and Daphne saw in that future (that likely was an alternate timeline) back in Magic and Other Misdemeanors. Sabrina worries that this means that the future they saw was coming to pass, but of course, she fails to recall that Charming was in that timeline as well. He simply rebuilt what he saw in that timeline.

Eventually, blows are thrown, characters are killed, and it all is very messy for a while for our heroes.

And then we find out who the Master of the Scarlet Hand is and, as the cliche goes, nothing will ever be the same for Sabrina and Daphne. This revelation leads right into the next book in the series, The Inside Story.


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