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And you shall drown inside Me.

Updated on April 25, 2012

look into the eyes of a wicked witch and see the truth of logic.
a sea of blue with high tides and a deadly undercurrent. cold blue eyes to drown in.
how deadly.
this girl, this woman, she is a creature. to hide behind a facade of familiarity.
but not knowing, never knowing. never truly seeing.
liar, faker.
she is not what she seems to be.
pulling you in with a gaze of sensuality...and dragging you beneath the waters.
never knowing, only now realizing.
what she is, what she has become...
let this life turn her cold, bitter.
color drained from rosy cheeks to leave a ghostly white.
sitting so still, watching you drown inside her.
looking in the mirror, watching her watch herself with dead blue eyes.
hands cracks and breaks like glass.
in love and as always out.
to love see know her.
a suicidal plunge into these cold waters.
for the wicked....the cold and the deadly....
never what she was, but now what she is...
monstrous mockery of what she could have been.


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