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The Evils

Updated on May 29, 2012

Is it the Artists, or the Politicians?

Dealing and concealing in the public eye.

Destroying the minds of young Americans

with its fabricated, financially castrated educational system.

But isn't it like the government, to blame someone else

for the evils we struggle to rise against

when the evils are in fact a myth.

We have to teach our children different lessons, and extra lessons, because they have to work extra hard, and prepare to fail at no fault of their own; just life in America,

and how it is deemed to be because of a mind set our people struggle to reset.

So don't be ashamed, and don't blame it all on Willie Lynch.

Our education, Our realigion, and our justice system with its fake patriotism are all fueled with a

need for social control.

These evils took what we did, our culture and traditions, and turned them against us.

Divided and Conquered us, then labeled us menaces; and we became fearful of who we were.

Prominent Kings and Queens of the first civilized nation.

Igbo males who traditionally took many wives, yet the women had the power to decide with whom they would reside.

The more wives a man had, and his ability to provide for them all determined his status.

Ashanti women, the men held in high regard, for all judgement was rendered by the woman's accord.

Dahomey was home to an entire army of women, who were known for possessing more skill than most men.

Ancient Egyptians created the religion that the evils used to deceive and succeed us.

This nation was modeled in our ancestor's ambition. Europeans saw it was good and proeeded to take it.

But we dealt with love, not greed and power, and that's why their sentiment leads to their cower,

yet is a testament to our clout and intellectual power.

So either you are with us or against us;

and we are young and old; we are lovers and fighters,

mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers,

entertainers and politicians, and everyone in between.

Connected by a history of mirrors, smoke, and screen,

and born with a handicap that society must overcome.

Yes We are equal; yet different all the same.

Discover who you are, not who you are meant to be.

Find that silver lining, take refuge from the evil storm.

Educate yourself and stand strong.


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    • ashleeosborn profile image

      ashleeosborn 5 years ago

      Wonderful message. Wonderful writing. Wonderful poem.