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The Eye of Phoenix (Fantasy Adventure Novel)-2

Updated on July 7, 2017


“I have been waiting for you, Ken. Tell me again the story concerning my ancestors. How they came about this beautiful and richly-endowed land?” Bowen Hillden, the young king of ShangeLilar, who had ascended to the throne less than a year ago, at the tender age of seventeen, inquired eagerly as soon as Kenneth Brightman walked into the Study Chamber.

“I thought the subject bores you, my Lord,” the man bowed courteously.

“Bore… where did you pick up that impression? It’s my kingdom. Of course I care about it, deeply,” Lord Hillden added, and ushered Ken to a chair nearby. “No one else is here. You need not to be overly formal with me.”

“Then please excuse my frankness, Your Highness. Does your sudden surge of interest in the history of your ancestors have anything to do with the impending wedding?”

“They did not call you the Magic Man for nothing,” the king beamed. “So easily you pierced my thoughts.”

“Pardon me, my Lord. For the record, I have never done magic in my life, nor do I know how to perform one. My utmost talent is to read upon the stars. They give me the facts and foresight concerning the future.”

“You are too modest,” the honest declaration mattered little to the king. “Today, I seek not the future but the knowledge of the past. To show off the shining heritage in front of my future queen is an understatement, I wish she’d adore this land, her new home, and be as proud as I have always been.”

“Much in love you are, with a lady you haven’t even met.”

“Look at her Ken, the Princess of Aion,” the king strolled to his grand desk and pulled down the white cloth that had draped over a great painting. “Have you beheld a maiden so fair? Her milky skin, smooth and white, her soft lips glow radiantly, and that smile, oh Ken, I haven’t had a decent rest since the instant I lay my eyes on that face, and not a waking moment I won’t think of her, of her breathtaking beauty.”

“Her boat shall arrive at the Eastern Shore two months from now.”

“Little time I have left to construct a kingly image that will match her queenly aura,” Lord Hillden grasped Ken’s hand. With pleading eyes he said, “You are the heir of Roy Brightman, the greatest healer and explorer of our time, who had read and possessed the Book of EldLune. No one knows more about the olden eras than you do.”

“You are flattering me, my Lord. Nonetheless, I’m grateful that little knowledge I had obtained from my father can be any use to you,” the man smiled.

“I promise you I shall be a good pupil this time, won’t doze off or daydreaming,” the young king pledged.

“They say that a good marriage helps one mature quickly. The old wisdom does have its merit, it seems.”

“The day my father passed the crown to me, I promised him that I would be a great sovereign worthy of the name of my forebear,” Lord Hillden’s voice turned serious. “And now, as I embrace my adulthood, I begin feeling the load on my shoulder. You are my dear friend, teacher and the most trusted advisor…”

“And your desire is my command,” Ken responded with his right hand resting over his heart. “I’m honored in fulfilling of your demand.”

And so, without further delay, he started his narration. “Much have changed in the world of man after the ending of the Great War, the sacred land remained rich and fair like the Elder Days. A wave of new species of plants found their way into the blessed realm. Some sprouted from seeds that rode on the wings of a high wind. Others were introduced by a group of home-broken refugees. When the capital city of Anadala was under siege, the most of the young men had gone to war in answering of the Summon. Only a handful had returned alive, and brought back with them the news of devastation and chaos in the frontline. Fear for their lives and the future, the villagers fled into the mountains, among them, elders, women and children. They climbed the steep hill during the day, eastbound, traveling against the sun. As the night befell, the group marched on in silence, guided by the Star of Vola. The mountain path wounded on and on, yet they dared not halt. A crystal brook that tumbled down the hillside quenched their thirst. Fruits that hung from the trees relieved their hunger. Silver Moonlight paved a way for their exhausting journey. Predators stayed far from the tedious travelers. Watchful eyes observed walkers attentively from the distance. Weeks and months spent uncounted, until one day, a red dawn repelled the shadow of the gray world. Before them, a glowing tunnel sprang from the heart of the gathering trees. Whether it was curiosity or an unutterable aspiration that drove them into exploring the hidden passage, when the drifters emerged from the other side, they beheld a realm fair and glorious beyond words. Tender green meadows covered a wide valley and rolling hills. Shimmering streams hurtled down the mountainside like a curtain of running silver. Beautiful yet never before seen flowers decorated earth floor with riches and delight. The sky was azure blue like a newborn’s eyes, pure and full of hope. Countless birds, magnificent looking, and friendly, dwelt in high trees. They sung restlessly with joy from morning to dusk. ‘It’s a paradise,’ cried the refugees, went down on their knees and kissed the green earth beneath their feet. From that moment on, they became the permanent residents of the sacred realm, and the land of paradise was no longer called Linaduer but ‘ShangeLilar’—meaning Earthly Heaven. The occupants called themselves ShangeLilarans, the Guardians of the Sacred World. As time went by, their dreadful past was slowly forgotten. Who they were and where they had come from no longer held importance to them. From East, a river tumbled through the land and provided the inhabitants with a plenty of fishes, and clean drinking water. The only problem it aroused was the occasional flooding, due to the rainstorm that hung about upper reaches near the Mountain of Hulmaliya. ShangeLilarans thought more of the good that the river had brought them. Without much of grievance, homes were rebuilt, and houses were made stronger than before. All year long, the land was blessed with spring like weather. No withering autumn or snowflake blazing winter has ever persecuted the realm. The sweet fragrance of blooming flowers constantly perfumed the air. With low humidity and pleasant breeze, people enjoyed relaxing underneath the trees, listening to birds’ singing, and admiring nature at its best. Without a care in the world, many ShangeLilarans would easily reach one hundred years mark. Though, it was not uncommon for someone to surpass the milestone age—two hundred by a great length.”

“Do you believe that God guided my ancestor to this land and awarded them with lasting happiness?” the king asked.

“Lasting… everything happens for a reason, my Lord,” said Ken thoughtfully. “My father once told me that only the purest and kindest souls were able to survive the gruesome long journey and seek the sacred passageway. In the land of paradise they may dwell until old age consumes them. However, one thing that can’t be certain is the future. When I was ten years old, my father went on an expedition to a continent beyond the Triden Sea. He promised to take me along on his next trip. More than thirty years have spent. I’m still waiting for the man, who would not return.”

“And what will my future hold, I wonder?” the king uttered uneasily.

To Be Continued......

The Eye of Phoenix---The Thousand Year Promise

The Eye of Phoenix

An ancient prophecy foresees the fate of the bloodline of Lord Dearborn;
An unfulfilled oath breaks the bond between two enchanting lovers;
A Thousand Year Promise unlocks the gate to the world of paradise;
The curse that casts upon an imprisoned soul shall welcome the challenge of a fearless warrior.

Paranormal Mystery Romance Novel -- Hidden Scent


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