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The Feeling of Sadness

Updated on March 8, 2014

Tried to win back but you still up and left

My fingers played at the frayed of your shirt

Your scent floats all over and it's sad

Why couldn't I just explain myself to you

Drank a bottle of wine but am more lonely than ever

Make up all like shit drip from my face

Music loud but only the words " Am never coming back" is heard

Why oh why did I do this

I miss you though your gone

Lyrics from Evanescence Immortal spiral through my mental chambers

This fairytale land is now like a black and white desolate horror

Pictures of us torn and a breeze sneaks into the room

Eyes tired of crying

None of my messages you returned

Shiny is the metal I hold

Sometime is open and out red drops falls

While your picture smiles at me.


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