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The First.. Chapter 8

Updated on May 19, 2012

Michael walked around the house very nervously, the many thoughts that ran through his mind were cluttering his direction .He was wondering if he needed more Lovelys to add to the family. Michael knew that to many would not be good, for it would only cause dissension. He must keep them at a managable level in order to maintain control over them. Michael knew that Cassandra and Adriana would be the main leaders of the family, so he would keep them happy and all the rest would stay in line.

Michael sat in his study going over the the schedule for the week. Michael was always very meticulous in his planning. He was obsessed to make sure that things went smoothly all the time because he hated suprises. He had assembled his family of lovelies the night before and had given them firm instructions on behavior when interacting with human men, since all the lovely’s of the Legion were young women. Because Michael's lovely’s were all beautiful, he made sure that they should try to ward off the advances of any men and if any one became a problem he would decide how to deal with them.Michael knew that the lovely's would not stray from his love, the fine lavishness and the elegant grace that they all exuded was a tempting allur for any man, the togetherness and tender oneness that they all shared was a bond that Michael loved to see. The devotion and love they had for Michael and the way he doted on each one, insured that each beauty was made to feel special to Michael.

As Michael stopped for a moment and looked around the room, There he saw the the beautiful Cassandra standing by the door, wherever he went she was always by his side, always at the ready. Whenever Michael looked at her, she would smile and give him that look of anticipation, of just a word or thought to hopefully come her way. Michael could see the sparkle in her eyes, the way she looked at him with the longing of a puppy looking at her mother, whose love for the one who kept her warm and let her suckle at the the tit of life, a love that had no bounds. There was nothing finer than that look, but then again that look came from all the lovely's in the family whenever Michael gave his attention to any one of them. Now, after looking at Cassandra, it always made Michael's mind immediately think of his beloved soul mate Penelope, no matter if he had Cassandra standing there in the room or laying naked next to him in the bed, his mind would always drift to the times of him and Penelope together........

It was the year of 1800 A.D. just outside Barcelona, Spain. Michael awoke to a normal day and raised up from the queen size bed where he lay. He heard the stirrings coming from the downstairs and there was a smell of cooking food wafting through the air. His dreams were coming true , his wife Penelope , his home, this was all he had ever wanted. He went to the window and stretched his arms, and then proceeded to go down to the kitchen. When Michael walked into the small kitchen, he immediately went to the woman who was busily assembling plates at the table. Michael put his arms around her small waist and gave her a hug. “ What is for breakfast, my love?” Michael asked. “Michael please, I am trying to get your breakfast ready” she giggled back at him. Then she turned and gave him a little peck on the cheek before going back to the iron stove. She wore a flowered dress that showed her elegant shape and her long black hair was up wrapped into a bun. She was the light of Michael's life. All Michael wanted was for her to be happy. Penelope had always said as long as she has a home and Michael by her side she was happy.

Michael sat down and thought about his day ahead. He had just graduated from the college in Barcelona and now he was ready to start his new job as a playwright. Michael had graduated with such a bevy of honors from his novels and writings that he was offered this job before he had even graduated. Michael was ready to marry the love of his life Penelope now. He now had a great job and he and Penelope had found a home out in the secluded countryside where he would be able to isolate himself and write to his hearts content with his beautiful, soon to be wife beside him.

There were a few cottages spread here and there where their cottage was, but Michael had not really introduced himself to his neighbors just yet. He had noticed one huge farm while he and Penelope were walking down the road once and Michael seen that there was always a lot of people wandering around in the fenced area from a distance. There was a very large building on the property surrounded by a few smaller ones. Although it looked more like a mansion than a house from far away. There were many signs along the fence warning people to stay out, so he figured they were very private people. When he had inquired about the large farm, the realtor told him there was a family that had been there for several generations and they were very wealthy, and that now only a Countess lived there alone. This made Michael curious as to why he always saw many men about working, but that was all the man would say about them.

Michael had been home writing, late in the afternoon, when he heard a knock on the door, he looked across at Penelope who was sitting on the chair doing some knitting and humming to herself and said, “I will get it honey, just relax.” Michael arose and walked over to the door very curious as to who was there, for they never had any visitors. He opened the door and there was a large stern looking man standing there. “May I help you?” Michael asked . “Yes,” the man answered. “I was sent over by my mistress to give you this .” the man then handed Michael a elegant looking envelope with a small bow attached on the back. “ Thank you” Michael said , as the man turned and walked away down the steps. He looked at the envelope and heard Penelope say, “Who is dear?”

Michael opened the envelope and seen that it was from the Countess, she was inviting Michael and Penelope over to the mansion for dinner with her. She would enjoy our company and very much wanted to meet us, the letter read. Michael wondered how she even knew of them since they had never met. Although the dinner was not for a week, Michael thought that they should go just to meet their neighbors. “It could be a night out for us”, Michael told Penelope. “Yes, Michael, It would do us some good to go and meet our neighbors and see who they are,” Penelope said. “We should be neighborly!”.........


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    • raciniwa profile image

      raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      what a best antidote for sleepiness, yet a warm welcoming potion for engage me on this one Michael...

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 5 years ago

      Interesting! I love the scenery, I feel as if I am there, the smells. Great write up.

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      @ voronwe, thanks for reading and following my story.

      @blossom, thank you for your comments. it is hard to edit, all that reading and rereading!

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Interesting and waiting for the next instalment. A good story, but don't forget to edit as you go along. It's so hard to see our own mistakes, but careful checking makes for smoother reading. Voted up and interesting.

    • Voronwe profile image

      Voronwe 5 years ago

      Well, Michael! A pleasant turn of the story, indeed! 1800, Playwright and Barcelona - this Michael seems so different; literally world's apart. Looking forward to read more. Oh no! The Countess...?!

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Katrine , it is coming, the why's, where's, and whats.

    • profile image

      KatrineDalMonte 5 years ago

      It's getting more and more interesting Michael. So at last you are inviting us into Michael's and Penelope's past, which will help better understand his current situation. It's like going back centuries with a time machine. Looking forward to the next chapter, hopefully you will reveal what happened with Penelope and why he is now where he is.