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The First New Day Dawns Uneventful.

Updated on January 4, 2010


The first new day yawns uneventful.  


The New Years
very first day
dawns with a glass
of January finest
slightly chilled
vintage 2009
while the 
clouds above
are hungover
their gray faces
reflecting many below
their tears falling
for what is past
and what is yet to come
beyond their rain
long past man's reign
the breezes blow
a soft whistling noise
reminiscent of the
horns that sang out
at midnight in
joyous rebirth
two cups of java
slightly tousled hair
and a vague awareness
of passing between
the fine lines of time
no visible marks
save for sleep
encrusted eyes
rumpled P.J.'s
and the stale taste
of Absolute vodka that
lingers in spirit only
a hot shower
or perhaps an
allgone bath in vanilla
and I will emerge
a member of 2010
in good standing
leaning slightly
to the left
hope all your dawns are
as uneventful as this one
with perhaps a touch of spice
absent here this morn
a warm fleshy encounter
in which to enter
or be entered by
a hot beverage to refresh
what is already
fresh and new
and the song of puppies
playing merrily
in the dim light
of the first
January day
peace and maxwell house
to all.....................©-MFB III


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